BitStarz Exclusive Interview – QuadrigaCX Victim “Charles005”

QuadrigaCX victim believes founder Gerald Cotton is still alive and has access to the ‘lost’ private keys.
The exchange was “robbing Peter to pay Paul” for months due to a lack of liquid funds.
It is “extremely apparent we were lied to” given that funds were moving out of the supposedly inaccessible wallets.

The QuadrigaCX mystery has gripped


BitStarz Exclusive Interview with Grevio CEO Keven Laverdure

Mining cryptocurrencies creates an excess of heat that can cost a lot of money to dissipate in order to keep mining rigs running at optimal temperature.
“We will be using ASIC rigs as they take up less space and it requires significantly less investment into mining rigs in order to achieve the desirable heat output. We would require around 10x more capital to create the same heat using GPU rigs” said Keven Laverdure – Grevio CEO – in an exclusive interview with BitStarz News.


BitStarz News Exclusive Interview with Cyclebit CEO

A distinct lack of crypto POS machines around the globe is hampering efforts to push forward mass adoption.
“We estimate about 40% to 50% of the POS systems out there are compatible with our functionality” said Daniel Bessmert – Cyclebit CEO – in an exclusive interview with BitStarz News.
Companies like Cyclebit are making mass adoption look like a plausible reality that we could see happening in the next year or so.


BitStarz News Exclusive Interview – Chief x42 Officer

Established dApp platforms are facing up and coming challengers, many of whom are currently under the radar
x42 recently came 4th out of 64 in a Twitter tournament, despite being relatively unknown by all except its legion of committed supporters
x42 represents “the future” of blockchain platforms – fast, free and scalable
The platform will be powered by masternodes in 2019


BitStarz News Exclusive Interview with Argo Mining’s President

 Crypto mining can be a very expensive process, but it can also be a very lucrative market if you have access to the right components.
 “Industrial scale mining requires access to an inexpensive and stable source of electricity in a regime that is also stable that has a stable regulatory environment. Due to these factors, Quebec stands out” said Mike Edwards – Argo Mining President – in an exclusive interview with BitStarz News.


BitStarz News Exclusive Interview with Blocktrade CEO – Luka Gubo

Trading a range of digital assets using blockchain technology can often be complicated due to illiquid markets.
“The idea behind the platform is to bring crypto markets closer to large institutional investors and traders while bringing additional liquidity to previously illiquid assets,” said Luka Gubo – Blocktrade CEO – in an exclusive interview with BitStarz News.
Blocktrade is helping to revolutionize the way digital assets are traded by offering users a carefully developed and technologically advanced platform.


BitStarz News Exclusive Interview with ZenLedger CEO – Pat Larsen

Many jurisdictions still haven’t made their tax laws clear, meaning people are paying the wrong amount of tax on their crypto activity.
“Cryptocurrency adoption and money invested has been relatively small to date compared to traditional tax evasion and corporate tax sheltering. This means that tax authorities get more bang for their buck with their limited staffing by going after these larger pools of money” said Pat Larsen – ZenLedger CEO – in an exclusive interview with BitStarz News.


BitStarz News Exclusive Interview with First Block Capital’s CEO

The SEC has declined a number of applications for a Bitcoin ETF, leaving markets reeling from the negative news, as institutional investors remain distant from the crypto market.
“[We] wanted to create a seamless process where you could buy bitcoins like you could buy any other stock” said Sean Clark – First Block Capital CEO – in an exclusive interview with BitStarz News.
By launching the first regulated Bitcoin fund, First Block Capital is helping to lay the groundwork for institutional investors to gain quick and easy access to BTC markets.


BitStarz News Exclusive Interview with Abele Group CEO Phil Woods

Safely storing and securing digital assets can be tricky, especially if the password is lost or stolen, so novice crypto investors often get put off investing in crypto markets due to this issue.


BitStarz News Exclusive Interview with DREP CMO Belinda Zhou

Fake news is becoming a major issue, as media outlets are losing the trust of the general public in the wake of recent political controversies.
“Those who have made false reports and negative reviews would see their reputation value decrease, which would affect the weight of future actions and the amount of rewards to be received, gradually they will be phased out by the Internet,” says Belinda Zhou – DREP Foundation CMO – in an exclusive interview with BitStarz News.