Control the Future and Your Destiny in Chronos Joker Slot!

Have you ever dreamed of being able to control time or have the ability to go back into the past and change things? Well, now you have the power to do both as you’re spinning the reels and winning big in Chronos Joker slot. Brand-new at BitStarz, Chronos Joker takes you on an adventure that sees you bending space and time to your own will.

Getting excited? We know we are!

Bend Time to Win Big

Big wins come in all shapes and sizes, but there is no better feeling than bending time to suit your own needs – namely big wins. So, team up with the rather spooky futuristic joker for your shot at taking home some crazy wins. If it’s your lucky day and you manage to bend space and time to your will, you can take home a crazy 1,600x your stake. With a max bet of €50, you’re staring down the barrel of €80,000. Considering Chronos Joker is a medium volatility slot, that’s a pretty good deal. There are also plenty of multipliers on hand that can be randomly applied to any spin, with the max being 20x. These nifty multipliers will help you rack up a rather delicious win!

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Respin Your Way to Wins

Respins make the world go around, and when you’re super close to a win, they can help you turn that frown upside down. If you can land two full stacks of the same symbol when no multiplier is present, you will get respins until you win. The stacks can incorporate joker wilds, or be fully made of the joker wilds, so you’ve got a helping hand to get you over the finish line and that to all important win. What happens when there is a multiplier you ask? Well, that’s a story for later on!

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Master Time and Space Itself

Did you really think we would make you wait to find out what happens to the multiplier respins? Well, if you manage to land two full stacks of symbols with a multiplier present, you will be granted either Spins of the Future, Spins of the Present or Spins of the past. Land a super multiplier and they’re upgraded to super multiplier spins. These respins let you scale up and down your wins as the reels keep on spinning – free of charge. So, sink your teeth into the joker’s new skills and rack up some hefty wins!

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Now you know how to master time and bend it to your will, you can rack up some almighty wins. The joker is primed and ready to give you a helping hand, so take full advantage of his kindness and steal some megabucks from the house. Best of all, as you’re fiddling with time, you can earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week to land yourself a chunk of €1,000!