Strike it Rich with a 500x Win on Lightning Roulette

If you found out there was a way you could almost guarantee to turn a massive profit playing roulette, wouldn’t you want to try it out? We have spent a lot of time analyzing the game, and we have created a strategy that is almost guaranteed to score you a huge 500x win on Lightning Roulette.

Before we dive into the strategy, its best to understand the game, as it differs slightly from European or American roulette. Once you know that, listen up, as we’re about to drop some knowledge that could send your bank balance through the roof!

The Basics of Lighting Roulette

You won’t find Lightning Roulette in a land-based casino, it’s the brainchild of Evolution Gaming and is streamed live from one of its high-quality production studios. One of the main differences between regular roulette and Lightning Roulette is the fact straight up wins – picking the correct number – have a smaller payout. Instead of the traditional 35:1, in Lightning Roulette you will only get 29:1. All other bets payout the same, but are exempt from lightning multiplier wins.

The Winning Strategy

Enough about the rules – they are nothing special anyway. As soon as bets are closed, random numbers are assigned multipliers and a number can be assigned a multiplier of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, or 500x. There is no telling how many numbers will have a multiplier and whether the ultimate 500x multiplier will be present on that spin, but multipliers in some form will be active on every spin.

What you need to do for this strategy is to bet on every single number on the wheel. While this might seem stupid and like a waste of money – especially given the fact that the minimum win is paid at 29:1 – it’s actually a solid plan. If you place a €1 bet on every number, you’re spending €37 per round. If the winning number isn’t a multiplier the worst result you can get is a €30 win – a loss of €7 per hand.

While this might seem like a quick way to burn through your bankroll, you need to factor in wins from multipliers. If you get lucky and score a win on the 500x multiplier you are looking at a profit from that one spin of €501 – more than enough to offset a few €7 losses.

Playing the Sequences

The Lightning Roulette table will give you data for the previous 500 spins, giving you the ability to see when the last 500x multiplier was and how often the winning number is a multiplier. You can then use simple math to deduce a rough estimation of when the next multiplier win is due. This isn’t foolproof as its totally random, but you can get a rough idea at least.

Master the Multipliers

As with every other casino strategy, this isn’t guaranteed to work. If a multiplier win hits every 20 spins and the average is 100x, you need a sizeable bankroll to last you between multiplier wins. This game isn’t guaranteed to make you super rich overnight, but if you play properly with a decent sized bankroll, you can easily play for a few hours before you start noticing your bankroll starting to dwindle away.

If you manage to pull off a big 500x multiplier in the first 20 or so spins, it’s probably best to walk away from the table and come back later on. The 500x multipliers are rather rare and hard to come by, so don’t think you’re on a hot streak. Play sensibly and use your head, runs of wins don’t often happen like they do with games like Dragon Tiger, Black Jack, or Baccarat.

Lightning Roulette Lives up the Hype!

Lightning Roulette gives you a really great chance to make a nice chunk of profit if you have the patience. Due to the fact you will always be in with the chance of a win, you could end up being sat at the table for a number of hours reeling in the cash.

Another major positive of Lightning Roulette – should you need another reason to play – whenever you spin the wheel you will be automatically be entered into our Table Wars promotion, with the chance of winning €1,000 every week!