Could This Roulette Strategy Change the World?

Here at BitStarz, we’re always on the lookout for new betting strategies that will shake up the world and help you win more when you hit the casino. In our quest, we’ve found a number of incredible strategies for roulette, including one very impressive Lightning Roulette strategy.

But today, we’re exploring a new roulette strategy that appears to be very promising and has returned nothing but profits when we’ve used it during testing. There are caveats to its performance, but if all goes well, you’ll increase your chances of winning roulette when you use this strategy!

It’s All About Corner Bets

We don’t actually have a name for this strategy, but we’re sure there is a name for it out there. For now, we’re going to call it the BitStarz roulette strategy, but if you know it’s real name, let us know. For the BitStarz roulette strategy, you’re going to be placing corner bets. These bets pay out at 8:1 and they cover four numbers from a single stake.

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For this strategy to work properly, you need to follow the strategy down to the letter. Start by placing one unit of stake on the corner bet that includes the number that came up last. The corner bets we’re using are in grids of four working from left to right. You have to follow this pattern of corners, otherwise the strategy wont work.

How Do I Play the BitStarz Roulette Strategy?

This strategy can be a little tricky to pick up at first, largely due to how the bet size differs depending on your current loss streak. If you lose your first bet, simply rebet and then add one unit of stake to the corner bet of the number that just came up. If that bet loses, rebet once more, place one unit of stake on the new corner number that came up and then double it.

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If this bet loses, you do exactly the same as the last bet increase by rebetting, adding enough units of stake to match the others on the table then doubling again. Rinse and repeat until you hit a win. On average, we hit a win before the sixth loss in a row virtually every time. But be warned, if you go over eight losses in a row, you’ll be down on your stake, even if you hit a win.

You Can Create Pockets of Big Wins

Now, the longer your losing streak continues, you will find that you create corner bets that overlap. Hitting one of these will yield a larger win than the other hands. This will either result in extra profit or a nice win that helps you negate a loss you got after more than eight losses in a row. These pockets appear every few corner bets, so as long as the numbers land in a similar section of the wheel, you could be in for one of these bigger wins.

There you have it, this is the amazing BitStarz roulette strategy. Try it out for yourself and see how well it works. As you can see from our videos using this strategy that it really does work. If you’re not sure and want to test it out, hit up one of the RNG roulette games available at BitStarz and test it out for yourself!