Is Betting Quadrants in Roulette a Game Changer?

There are hundreds of different roulette strategies out there, but one that recently caught our eye was the quadrant betting system. This system might seem a bit chaotic to some of you, but in practice it’s actually a pretty solid strategy.

So, we put it to the test to see what we could find out and to see just how good it is. Are you ready to learn how to use the quadrant betting system?

How Does the Quadrant Strategy Work?

Before we dive into the action, we’re going to explain how the quadrant betting system works. It relies on you placing 12 separate number bets on the table. But, you’re not just picking any random 12 bets, oh no. You’re going to bet on 12 consecutive numbers as they appear on the wheel.


Why? Because this gives you 1/3 coverage of the wheel in a strategic location, allowing you to catch all the numbers on a third of the wheel. Some wheels might look a bit different in practice, so if you can’t see the wheel before you place your bets, place a sacrificial minimum stake bet so you can get a good look at the table. We recommend you screenshot it. But, for the most part, all European wheels will look like the screenshot above.

Place Your Bets and Let it Ride!

Ok, so it’s time to pick your quadrant, you can pick any 12 numbers as long as they’re next to one another and don’t include 0. Place your stakes on carefully, it could be worth testing this out a few times in an RNG roulette game or in Instant Roulette to get the hang of it as 20 seconds isn’t much time at all.

Play Now

Place your bets and carry on repeating the same selection until you win. You’ll win €35 for every €1 you stake. Placing 12 bets will cost you €12 and return you €35. This means you’ll more than double your money whenever you hit a win. If you want to add in a progressive betting strategy such as the Martingale to cover you when you lose then feel free to do so. Just be aware that after 2 bets you’re looking at €24 stake and after 4 losing bets you’re up to €96, which might be a bit rich for your blood. The basic system works well, so we recommend sticking to a single stake size.

Did it Work?

We played a few rounds using the base system and a few rounds using the Martingale system on top of the Quadrant system. Both times we ended up, but the Martingale was close to busting us on a couple of occasions.

Obviously, every time you spin the wheel you’re looking at a different potential result, so take it with a pinch of salt. There is good potential with this system, so if you’ve got the time to place the stakes between rounds, then go for it!