The Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure is Half Way Done!

The Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure is one of the biggest and most exciting promotions that we’ve ever held here at BitStarz, and we’re dishing out some of the most piratey treats ever. But, all good things must come to and end, and soon it will be the turn of the Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure.

We’re at the halfway mark in the Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure, so now is a better time than any to start really pushing as hard as you can to win the race to the gold, after all, there’s a 1kg gold bar waiting for the winner!

Level Up faster with the Best Tips!

We all want to be the numero uno pirate in all the land, but a fierce reputation alone isn’t going to quite cut it. If you want to be known as the best pirate ever, you need to be the one with the most gold. So, what better way to top up your stores than by collecting 1kg of gold in the form of a solid gold bar.


If you’re going to be the winner of the gold bar, you’re going to need to hurry up. Several players are already closing in on level 41 and the gold. To help you go faster, we’ve got a couple of tips, so follow them closely – that is if you want to win the gold, anyway. You’re going to want to play slots as slots count 100% towards your level up requirement, while table games count 5%. Finally, you’re going to want to ditch any bonuses as bonus cash doesn’t count towards your level up progress!

Plenty More on the Cards

You’ve still got 32 days of summer remaining to complete the Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure and to scoop up all the bonuses, prize pools and merch. But, what will happen when time runs out? How on Earth do we follow up on such a huge promotion? Well, the answer is rather spooky. Make sure you finish the Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure as fearsome as possible because next up there’s going to be the spookiest promotion to ever land at BitStarz – it’s frighteningly awesome.


We can’t tell you too much about what the future holds for promotions at BitStarz, but what we can tell you is that we’ve got bigger and better promotions with even more prizes just around the corner. So, go out there and blast through all 41 levels before time runs out.

Use your time wisely, pirate!