Could You Be the Next StarzPartner Affiliate Millionaire?

Once upon a time, at an award-winning Bitcoin casino, in a galaxy not too far away, there was an affiliate who converted so many players, he became a millionaire!

The year is 2014 and BitStarz is just a young upstart, making history with every Tweet, new feature, game launch and design update. Starting out life as the first fully regulated online casino to allow Bitcoin and fiat payments created huge interest from affiliates, close and far.

A little over a year later, one hard working affiliate had used all the amazing material on offer to convert so many players that he raked in 122BTC. Back in 2015 when this affiliate managed to earn all that Bitcoin, his stack was worth just $225 – a tiny sum of money, if you think about it.


But, after doing his research into Bitcoin and seeing just how much potential it has to change the world, this affiliate decided to hodl* his Bitcoin. He bought himself a hardware wallet and secured his Bitcoin, tucking it up for a long hibernation.

Fast forwards 6 years and that Bitcoin has awoken once more. The affiliate woke up to the news of Bitcoin reaching a new all-time high in early January 2020. Checking the value of his Bitcoin that he had earned with StarzPartnerz back in 2015, he quickly realized that he was now officially a millionaire – and then some…

His 122BTC that was once worth just $255 is now worth a ludicrous $4,545,000. That’s right, $4.5 million big ones. Now that is why you should hodl your Bitcoin, and it’s exactly why affiliates with StarzPartnerz are on the path to fame, fortune and glory.

How Can I Become a StarzPartner?

Wanna learn how you can turn your $225 earnings into $4.5 million? Well, it couldn’t be easier; all you need to do is join the StarzPartnerz crew. Simply sign up, generate your tracking link, take advantage of the massive library of artwork and landing pages at your disposal on the StarzPartnerz platform, and send your traffic.

It takes less than 10 minutes to get set up and start earning, so what are you waiting for? Turn your $255 earnings into $4.5 million by earning in Bitcoin and hodling your BTC with StarzPartnerz – you won’t regret it!

Joining StarzPartnerz is a decision that could take you from struggling to pay your next rent bill all the way to being the next Elon Musk – money wise at least. Does that sound like something you want? If so, head this way and become a StarzPartner!

*Don’t know what HODL is? It means to buy-and-hold Bitcoin – something everyone should do!