Happy Birthday BitStarz – Here’s to 8 Years of Fun!

My favorite online casino turns eight today! And like all my besties’ birthdays, I need to dedicate a post to this powerhouse.

BitStarz stepped onto the scene back in 2014, and it has aged just like a fine wine – getting better each year. But let’s not compare this casino to a cougar… Eight is young. Eight is fun!

Reaching for the stars is what BitStarz does, and I’ve had the privilege to play here since way back when. And you better bet that the older this casino gets, the more you can expect in the areas of spark, spunk, and player success.

Happy birthday BitStarz, you long-time legend!

Memory lane here we come

Once upon a time, Nick turned his dreams into reality by launching his now award-winning online casino to the public, making their dreams come true too.

On 8 April 2014, he celebrated the moment his first deposit came in. It was only €20 – but it was the start of something spectacular. Here BitStarz is, eight years down the line, boasting a rebrand from bitstars.net, to bitstarz.com (it’s just way cooler!), having its trophy cabinet filling up, its games selection booming, and its player count skyrocketing.

2014: The new kid on the block


Wowzers. BitStarz, get ready for a roast. Wuddup with this color scheme? And since when did a play on Star Wars ever involve fruit floating in space? It has to be the first time I’ve seen a light-saber and a watermelon chilling in the same frame.

But this is classic BitStarz, breaking boundaries since day one. Not sure I can forgive the red and green, but at least the layout was pristine. LOL.

This was when BitStarz only had 20 games to offer, but they were Bitcoin games, so this casino was well in the wave and a true trendsetter, even as a brand-new noob. It was that same year, December 2017, that BitStarz introduced fiat currency payments and play into the mix.

2017: Climbing the ladder to legend status


One thing BitStarz has ALWAYS been great at is its giveaways. An all-expenses-paid trip to see Adele in concert? It’s pretty much the same thing as winning the jackpot. And I’m totally here for the facelift too.

This was the year BitStarz won its first award, and it was a biggie – Best Casino of 2017 at the AskGamblers Awards!

This opened the floodgates, and this rising star has won many major awards since then, including Player’s Choice of 2018, Best Casino of 2018, Best Support of 2020, Best Casino of 2021, and many more that I simply don’t have enough space to mention.

2022: Only the best for you


Today, BitStarz has over 3,600 slot, table, and live games to play from 60 best-in-class providers. It has millions of registered players and has paid out millions in wins.

It has secured its spot at the first online casino to offer both crypto and fiat payment methods, and has made its mark as a winner, baby!

From Adele to Teslas and epic Level-Up adventures… BitStarz always has a surprise up its sleeve, and this won’t be changing any time soon. This casino is only going in one direction, and that is up.

Cheers BitStarz, to eight years of fun and many more to come!