Cygnus 2 Slot has the Brightest Wins in the Sky

Can we all just agree that astrology is a bunch of bull? The pictures that our ancestors saw in the sky while high on psychedelics have no effect on our personality or our likelihood of finding true love. They make some great wall art or a backdrop for a slot, but that’s it.

Rant over. Now go try out Elk Studios‘ new Cygnus 2 slot. It’s pretty cool!

Ready to study the stars for wins!

Cygnus 2 slot does away with the Egyptian theme of its predecessor in favor of an 1800s observatory filled with the tools you’d need to study the sky. And talking about the sky. Each time you unlock the bonus feature, the stars in the sky will get brighter, with those making up the Cygnus swan constellation shining the brightest.


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The symbols that are featured on the reels aren’t anything special, but the backdrop and animations more than make up for that. It’s quite simply a great-looking slot.

What’s in the stars?

The most notable feature of Cygnus 2 slot is the sliding symbols. It’s a unique cascading reels mechanic that sees symbols slide across the slot as if they were sliding down a bunch of marbles. It’s visually striking!

Then we get to the bonus features. Let’s start with the rising multiplier feature that is activated when a multiplier symbol reaches the left-most side of the reels. Once it does, it increases the current active multiplier before transforming into a wild symbol that will complete winning combinations.

If you’re looking for the big wins, however, you’re going to need to get one of the “W” bonus symbols to the left-most side of the reels. This will activate the bonus drop game giving you seven free drops. The drops are retriggerable, with additional activations awarding three drops each.


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The slot also has a unique buy bonus feature called the X-iter. This gives you a range of options, from paying 2x your bet to double your chance of triggering a bonus feature to paying 500x your bet to unlock the Super Bonus. Each option has a nice breakdown of what you can expect, making it straightforward to navigate.

Is Cygnus 2 slot the brightest star in the sky?

Sequels are rarely better than the original. But then you get those rare few like Spider-Man or Top Gun: Maverick that are better in every way. Well, we can add Cygnus 2 slot to that very exclusive list. The slot is great. The sliding symbols mechanic is unique, the bonus features exciting, and the €300,000 max win is an exciting target to go after.

Then we get to the numbers. A 94% RTP isn’t great, but if that’s what it takes to play for a massive 50,000x max multiplier, I’ll take it. That’s right; you’ll be able to chase that impressive max win at just €6 a spin. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

If you’re looking for a few other bright stars in the Elk Studios constellation, I recommend giving Clusters Slide or Visitors a try.