Double up on the Excitement and Win Big in Double Ball Roulette!

The game of roulette is one of the easier games to play for someone who is willing to test the waters outside of slots. You can choose to keep it really simple, betting on red or black or if you want to put your trust in your favorite numbers for a bigger win. A few developers such as Evolution Gaming decided to put their own spin on things and throw another ball into the mix. Say what?

Today, one of the more popular and fun roulette games online is the live dealer version of Double Ball Roulette. The potential of winning big will make any game into a fan favorite and if this is what you are looking for then look no further!


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Red or Black Never Gets Old

In many ways, adding another ball to the mix means a whole new set of rules. On the other hand, placing your bets on red or black is still part of the charm with roulette and works just fine even during this version of the game. The biggest difference is that since there are two balls, the rules are they both have to land in the same colored pockets for you to bag the win. This of course makes the whole thing a bit trickier, but who doesn’t like a challenge, especially when the payouts are bigger!

If you ask us, red or black is still a smart way of betting and when both balls end up on black or both on red, you are looking at a payout of 3:1. Should you just land one of them on your color of choice, the return is 1:1. As you can see, if you are having a lucky day at the table you can quickly make a nice stash of chips. Two balls might even be to prefer!

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Hit the Double Ball Jackpot

Because of the extra ball thrown into the mix, it opens up extra possibilities that can really pay off. Putting your bet down on the two balls landing in the same pocket, without having to specify which one, will get you a nice payout of 35:1. If you get a solid gut feeling and pick a favorite number and the balls end up in that pocket you can raise your arms and as a smashing payout of 1,300 x your bet is coming your way! Can you imagine the thrill of watching them fall into the same pocket?

Keep an eye on the stats

When it comes to useful stats, roulette is one of the better games, especially on live tables. You will be able to get a great overview of hot and cold numbers as well as hot and cold sections of the wheel. Keeping an eye on these stats will give you an indication of where to place your bets and extra information never hurts when you’re trying to get yourself a major payday!

Your Name Written All Over It

Head over to the roulette table and put your new information to use. Who knows, this could be the day when the 1,300x your bet comes in with your name written all over it.

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