Shine Bright and Win Big With These Neon Colored Slots

One can never have enough neon in life and looking at the recent trends, it’s becoming fashionable once again. People want everything to be neon these days, neon lights, neon sneakers, neon activewear, neon safety jackets, neon road signs and the list goes on. We wanted to do our part and bring you some neon entertainment.

Here are some neon slots that will brighten up any room, both with color and with colossal wins!

Neon Reels – iSoftBet

Open your mind and imagine a very futuristic 3D cylinder of glowing reels, mixed with the vibe of the streets of Miami and you get Neon Reels slot. It’s an absolutely stunning design covering 5 reels and 25 paylines. Even the smell landing 2 of the scatters will kick off the 3D view of the reels in its ultimate search for and anticipation for the 3rd and final symbol. Besides the free spin action, the dangling carrot in front of you comes in the shape of a big fat progressive jackpot which will have you dress in nothing but neon for the foreseeable future!


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Neon Staxx – NetEnt

Neon eagles, neon cobras and neon tigers, we love it! Not only do we love the exciting look of Neon Staxx slot but the opportunities to make a buckload of dinero is right there for you to seize. With a cool design and exciting soundtrack, you are destined to love this game. Big wins and big features run these reels and it doesn’t matter if the reason is free spins, Superstaxx or normal play, if you can spin you can win!


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Neon Classic – Platipus

Neon Classic slot invites us to another neon party and why fix something that isn’t broken. Flashy colors will get your far in life and even though neon feels very old school, they still give you the vibe of being futuristic. It’s a strange mix, we know! In this 5 reels, 243 payline game you will find a special feature called Neon United Reels. At the start of each spin, there will be 2 adjacent identical reels linked together which can expand to include all of the reels. Anything that will increase the odds of more and bigger wins, has our approval!


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Neon Bar – Belatra Games

It’s five o’clock somewhere, so it’s time to water the pipe and what better place than at the Neon Bar slot. Any bar, no matter how dark and shady, can spice the place up with a couple of neon signs. We wonder if Georges Claude could imagine the impact when he first introduced it to the world in Paris in 1910. This is a retro slot with cherries, watermelons and lucky 7s. It’s a nice setting and although very basic, it’s still filled with charm!


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Return to Neon Heaven

The night is over and the neon signs are turned off. Just like leaving a nightclub, it’s nice to get out but you’re already looking forward to the next night you’ll be there. If you are like us and lack the patience of waiting until the darkness sets in once again, all you need is to close the curtains or the blinds, turn off the lights and return to neon heaven!