Get in the Mood for Soccer Season with Football studio!

Soccer season is well under way in Europe and top teams from the continent are battling it out for a place in Europe’s premier competitions. There is a lot of pressure at the start of the season, leading to many surprise results. So, why not take a bit of pressure off your favorite teams and predict the results of matches with Football Studio here at BitStarz Casino!

Simply place a bet on which team you think will win and wait for the cards to draw – it’s as easy as that!

Who Is Going to Win?

Whether you think Liverpool will win back-to-back Champions League cups, or Lionel Messi will win yet another Ballon d’Or, one thing is for certain – all the contenders will put up a tough fight. With limited weekday action, the soccer world can get a little tedious. Thankfully, Football Studio is here to help get you through the day and last until kickoff.

Play Now

You can only place 3 bets in Football Studio: home, away and draw. Played very similarly to baccarat in terms of betting, the dealer pulls 2 cards from the deck and places them face up. Home and Away are marked on the cloth, with the cards being placed under the respective text. The result with the highest card value is deemed the winner.

Use the Stats to Your Advantage

Down in the bottom right-hand corner you have access to the past 24 rounds, giving you a quick overview of how the cards are playing. For those superstitious players that believe in runs, you will notice that in our view Away appears to have won the vast majority of games, making it look like a rather appetizing bet. All good runs must come to an end, so keep an eye out for card changes marked with “CC” as a new deck will be used and the run will have definitely come to an end.


Keep Tabs on the Latest Soccer News

Over on the left-hand side in the bottom corner you also have access to the latest soccer scores in Europe along with top headlines, giving you quick and direct access to all the action without needing to miss a hand to check on the progress of your favorite team. It’s the perfect way to keep up with the action and have fun, even on game day!


So, whether you’re a die-hard soccer fan or you’re more of a causal viewer, you will definitely enjoy the action on offer in Football Studio. Bets start at €1 and go all the way up to €5,000 for each hand. Home and away both payout at 1:1 while draw pays out at a staggering 11:1. Draw might offer up a rather large win, but draws are few and far between. Our best tip is to pick a side and stick to it, try and find one on a good run too!