Launch Into 2020 With These Huge Slots!

We have just started a new year and it should be a special one. With the numbers aligning and forming 2020, let’s take a look in our lobby and see if there are any particular slots that we can connect to this beginning. The number 20 is an obvious connection but let’s add in a couple of other ones as well. Open your minds and let’s bring some joy and fortune into 2020.

20 Star Party – Casino Technology

Let’s start our 2020 connection with a small fiesta we like to call the 20 Star Party slot. The classic fruit salad ingredients will keep it retro on the 5 reels and 20 payline game. The big money maker is the Double Up Gamble feature that is an option after each win of less than 10x your bet. Get a nice 50/50 chance on the red or black to double your wins. However, if you’re keen on making the extra buck and walking the line, then trust your gut and pick the right suit as this will boost your balance with a nice 4x your gambled amount!


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The Rat Pack – Microgaming

You may have a tougher time connecting this specific title to year 2020 but have faith, as this year will be the year of the rat according to the Chinese zodiac. Back in the day, the crew referred to as the Rat Pack tore up the scenes in Las Vegas. The members were legendary names such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. In The Rat Pack slot we get to hang out in a seedy rat jazz club where you can expect free spins with moving scatters and the classic gambling option. The rats know their way around the instruments so put your faith in these talented rodents and they shall deliver.


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20 Hot Blast – EGT

Another 2020 themed slot is eager to show you what it can do for you this year. 20 Hot Blast slot has the prerequisites of making this list so let’s take it out for a spin. This is a progressive jackpot game which can hit at any moment, which is what makes them so damn exciting to play. To see the constant increase in numbers just in front of your face makes us plan in detail what we will do with the money when it falls. That might not be the best way to set you up for a big win but we believe in visualization and we are not ready to give up on this method just yet.

If you are not solely focused on the jackpots, then the gamble option is a quick way of doubling your wins and filling your pockets!


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Year of Luck – Spinomenal

Yes, the rat is a possible connection in this slot as you will find one, amongst a bunch of other animals on the reels. However, we think it is more appealing to connect to the title of this slot and coin 2020 the Year of Luck. We will try and speak this into existence so get onboard and do the same. A cool feature here is the multiplier meter, which increases for every spin that doesn’t produce a win. How cool is that! We would gladly lose a few of them and get a bigger bonus a few spins down the line. How about you?


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20 Diamonds – EGT

Oh, how they sparkle in the light and just brighten up your life. This may not be how we would describe diamonds but we know many that would. Sticking to the 2020 theme, let’s dig our way to a girl’s best friend. 20 Diamonds slot may not bring you a ton of cool features, but we will take wins over features any day. These precious stones shine bright on the reels and you can cash in on up to 1000x your bet, which could actually be enough to get you out of a bad situation at home.

With a 200,000 max coin win, you know it’s worth a few spins at least but the major cash can come from any of the four jackpots in this slot. Shine bright like a diamond!


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Don’t Knock It!

We managed to establish a connection with all of these slots, so let the man upstairs work his magic and Lady Fortuna are more than welcome to knock on our doors this year. Hey, we may even put out a bowl of food just as we do for Santa, just to increase the odds a bit. Don’t knock it till you try it, and the same goes for these slots!