The Festival of Fears Livespins tournament blog.

€10,000 Livespins Halloween Multiplier Tournament

It’s the spookiest time of the year. Ghouls, ghosts, and goblins roam free, causing trouble and TPing the houses of those who have run out of tasty treats.

Since we’re a bit too old for trick or treating, BitStarz is giving you a shot at your own Halloween treat with The Festival of Fears Livespins tournament.

This spooky tournament will see players join the hunt for the top spot by betting behind exciting Livespins streamers from 27 October to 1 November for a shot at a share of €10,000 in prizes.

How it works

The Festival of Fears Livespins tournament jump scares its way into existence just after midnight at 01:00 CET on 27 October. Once the crypt is open, you’ll have a chance to grab a share of €2,000 each day until 1 November.

  • Race 1 – 27 October at 01:00 CET to 28 October at 00:59 CET
  • Race 2 – 28 October at 01:00 CET to 29 October at 00:59 CET
  • Race 3 – 29 October at 01:00 CET to 30 October at 00:59 CET
  • Race 4 – 30 October at 01:00 CET to 31 October at 00:59 CET
  • Race 5 – 31 October at 01:00 CET to 1 November at 00:59 CET

To start climbing the leaderboard for your chance to win, you’ll need to earn points. To do this, you will need to place bet behind bets on participating Livespins streams. If you win, you will earn points.

The number of points you earn from a win will depend on how large a multiplier you score:

  • 1x to 9x multiplier – 1 point
  • 10x or higher multiplier – 15 points

You will need to keep winning to keep earning points and climbing the leaderboard if you want a shot at one of the twenty daily cash prizes.

The prizes

Each of the five races will offer a total prize pool of €2,000 that will be split among the twenty players who have the most number of points.

The higher you are on the leaderboard when the race ends, the larger the share of the winnings you will receive:

  • First place – €750
  • Second place – €500
  • Third place – €150
  • Fourth to tenth place – €50
  • Eleventh to twentieth place – €25

Although you’re only allowed to win one prize per day, you can win a prize in each and every race. As a result, you could stand a chance to win up to €3,750. You’d have to have one hell of a five-day lucky streak for that, but it’s technically possible.

Now that you know where to enjoy your Halloween weekend, it’s time to start climbing that leaderboard.