Take the Dive to Win €10,000 Cash in Sunken Treasure – Level Up!

Hidden beneath the waves and swells, down below on the ocean floor, lies a sunken ship with a long-lost treasure that has never been discovered before. Hold your breath – we’re diving deep for the next big-money tournament at BitStarz!

That’s right! It’s time for another action-packed Level Up adventure, and this time, you’re heading for the deep blue with €10,000 in cash and €50,000 in prizes waiting to be found in Sunken Treasure – Level Up!

Ready to take the dive? Then let’s get you leveled up to find that treasure!

Oh, Ship! This Level Up is loaded!

So here’s the deal. Somehow, a ship filled with glorious riches and wondrous treasures sank to a watery grave at the bottom of the sea. But lucky for you, we’ve located the site, so all that wealth is yours for the taking, and we know you want some of that ching-ching.

But you’ll need to dive deep as you work your way through 40 levels on the map to be the first diver to reach the end and bag the €10,000 in cash. Oh, and it gets better, as you could be scooping up a share of the €50,000 prize pool as you make your descent!


You can bet your boat that all the diving dudes and deep-sea divas out there have their eyes on the prize, so if you want to find the sunken treasure first, you gotta earn those points, so listen up for how.

Come on in – the water is FINE!

To stand a chance of winning, all you need to do is keep playing your favorite slots and table games at BitStarz. It’s E-Z! But we suggest you give it that extra bump because the more you play, the more points you’ll earn and get closer to submerging yourself in an ocean of riches.

And hey, if you want to fit right in with the theme to keep those flippers flipping and the wetsuit warm, we’ve got loads of ocean-dwelling slots where you can take a dip – just fish around, and you’ll find plenty!

Keep the sharks at bay and Level Up today!

You’re in for one epic adventure in the new Sunken Treasure – Level Up, and if you want to make a splash with €10,000, then you better start this thrilling treasure hunt right now. So go on, take the dive – your life-changing treasure awaits!