Experience Futuristic Wins in Trip to the Future Slot!

Flying cabs and cars belong in the movies. Just like kids violently crashing their toy cars, these airborne monkey cages will be crazy. Car crashes are bad enough as they are, so we can’t even imagine the damage it would do if they were to crash above our heads. No thank you, sir! Thank god for Evoplay and Trip to the Future slot that gives us a safe transition to this unstoppable transformation.

Meet Your Cab Driver for the Day

The cabs will start on the ground, thankfully, and stick to a 5 reel and 40 payline setup. In this relaxed atmosphere, the cab driver is the man. This guy seems like a lot of fun and turns your trip into a real hoot. You know this guy has got some crazy stories he doesn’t mind sharing. A taxi meter, rose, hat and a dog are some of the symbols in this flying slot.


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Futuristic Free Spins

With each win, the counter on the free spin meter to the right keeps loading up until you have reached the positive numbers. When you get enough wins, get ready for some time traveling and be surrounded by these flying cabs. The vibe is straight from Fifth Element and Total Recall.


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Multiple Multipliers

Getting into cabs can be strange. Not just for the obvious, but the price difference can be night and day between companies and time of day, so in a way, it’s like dealing with multipliers. Only in this case, they don’t work in your favor like they do in this slot.

During the game, random cabs will swoop in across the reels and boost your wins with various multipliers.

Crazy Taxi – A cab will hit random symbols that will disappear and be replaced by new ones.

Random Wilds – The cab will drop three random wilds onto the reels.

Random Multiplier – Wild multiplier will appear in random positions.


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On Speed Dial!

Man, we wish we knew who this cab driver is based on. He would be number one on our speed dial. This man guarantees one hell of a ride, just like this slot. Multipliers, fun details, and flying cabs are all secret ingredients in a successful slot, together with epic wins of course. Give the guy a call to see what kind of adventures he’ll take you on!