The Darker the Magic the Brighter the Wins in Abundance Spell

We have the utmost respect for Voodoo without a need to have its powers demonstrated on us. It may sound ridiculous to many of us but for a spiritual belief like this to have been around since the 1700’s, it can’t be a hoax. If we’re being honest, one of the reasons for choosing the name BitStarz was that we felt it would be somewhat safe from a Voodoo doll creation, compared to some of our competitors.

Shaking hands with Abundance Spell slot may be the closest we have ever been to these spirits and we can already feel our soul quietly making plans to leave our body in search of another host. Let’s take a deep breath before hitting the spin button and see if we can calm down.

Bow Down to the Priest

Spinomenal called upon the spirits for advice before putting together these spiritual 5 reels and 50 paylines. In an attempt to either scare us off or convert us, the opening scene itself makes us want to pick up the phone and make a call out west to a little place called Hollywood. This guy is a star and a definite Halloween outfit! Skulls, eyeballs and bones cover our expectations in terms of symbols and when the priest graces us with his presence as the wild, we are not afraid to admit a sense of nervousness setting in.
Having a voodoo doll as the bonus doesn’t make things less creepy and when the priestess is the one left in charge of free spins, it kind of makes us not want any, but let’s give it a go anyway.


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Whispers of Big Fortunes

We almost dread the special features in this game as we have no idea what to expect. Does this slot come with 3D-glasses because we are confident something just popped out of the screen. Yikes! We can see the words free spins but perhaps it means something else this time around. When you get a visit from 3 or more of the priestess symbols, there is no turning back as she can give you up to 15 free spins with a nice x4 multiplier.

Perhaps these people are friendly after all as we do feel a sense of calmness swooping in and whispers of a big fortune.


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Magical Bonus Round

We have decided to go with the flow as we are in way too deep to pull out now. Besides the priest demanding respect as he turns into an expanding wild on reels 2 and 4, you can make a solid buck when playing the bonus feature as you will call upon the spirits to help you choose amongst the various objects in hopes of some cold hard cash.


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The Darker the Game the Brighter the Wins

If you want to push yourself a little extra, play this game in a pitch black room or why not on your phone in a dark forest. With wins this size, we cannot keep our eyes closed to the impact these spirits can have on your life if you only give them a chance. It’s a fantastic looking game and we can see the benefits in believing.

Have faith and you shall be rewarded. These words have never rang truer than now. Don’t believe us? Spin these reels and get back to us!