Keep Your Stinger Sharp and Win Big in the Pollen Party Slot

Bees and honey, BitStarz and money! The relentless worker bees are working their stingers off to make you some of that golden nectar on the orders of the Queen Bee herself. The sweet taste of honey in the Pollen Party slot will boost your energy and keep you going towards the big wins!

Let’s put the bee suit on and head into the honeycombs where the color is golden and the payouts are buzzing. Time to pollinate!

This Game Is Swarming With Wins

The honeycomb world looks a bit different than ours and this game is no different. With a 3-4-5-4-3 reel and 720 payline setup, this game will give us a sneak peak of what really goes on inside the hive. The Beyonce of stinger nation, the Queen Bee holds court and orders her worker around. We are used to hearing about worker bees but in this hive, we actually get to see what they do. The various career opportunities seems to be greater than we first thought, as worker bees, soldier bees and even a bee doctor make appearances on the reels.


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Stinger Bonus Feature

When you land 3 or more of the red stinger scatter symbols, the free spins are not far away. This feat will start you off with 12 of them and they are looking to be pollinated. If you manage to land the flower symbol you can count on 3 extra wilds coming your way!


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Baby Bee Bonus Feature

Bees have their own version of the Baby Shark song and it’s simply called Baby Bee. The baby in this slot is in charge of another bonus feature where you can catch a buttload of cash! Pick amongst the randomly selected cells and build yourself a fortune. If you happen to pick the wrong one you’re out so be smart.


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Master Beekeeper

Don’t worry about allergies because this game is for everyone. The bees are your best friends and the harder you work, the harder they will work for you. Play your way through free spins, extra wilds and the Queen Bee herself and become the master beekeeper. You may want to hurry up before everyone starts swarming around.