An Epic Amount of Free Spins Will Get You Paid in Giovanni’s Gems

Fairytale settings are always welcomed in slots as they provide us with a certain feel of safety and relaxation. When they play out in the deep enchanted forest the adventure gene in all of us awakens from its hibernation and is ready for action. This time around, we are going hunting for expensive gems to fill our pockets with in Giovanni’s Gems slot.

We’ve heard rumors of this also being a secret free spin stash so we will leave no stone unturned in our search for them!

Meet the Colgate Smiling Host

This game immediately plunges players into a mysterious part of the woods, filled with bright and shiny jewels. One thing that sets this slot apart from others is the different grid, as this game is played out across 7 reels, each with 7 symbols and a total of 30 paylines. If you have any concerns spinning the reels this far into the woods, just glance over to your left and see the massive colgate smile on the main character, Giovanni. His grin is so big you could probably fit all the 7 reels into it.

In terms of the symbols being portrayed in this beautiful slot, there are obviously a whole bunch of gems, such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphire. Giovanni leaves nothing to chance and steps up as the scatter and all symbols hold additional powers here as the game lacks wilds.

Before we move on, you should be aware that it takes 5 symbols to form a winning combo and after a win they explode and leave room for new symbols that may create new wins. This fruitful cycle can go on and on and on, and how awesome is that?


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Free Spin Bonanza

Free spins should be a must for all slots and in this particular one, the 7×7 grid gives you an outstanding opportunity to slam dunk a ton of them as you can get up to 50 of them, depending on how many of the Giovanni symbols you land!


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Double Trouble

It’s hard to ignore an opportunity to double your cash and the moment will present itself in this slot as well, thankfully. After each win you can pick the Gamble feature and while you trust your gut and pick red or black, the winning amount can shoot through the roof.


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A Must Play

Giovanni is on to something! His secret place in the woods doesn’t necessarily hold shiny gemstones but it is definitely home to a whole bunch of free spins and we love it! Big payouts and a chance to double each win makes this slot a must play!