Experience Infinity with Unlimited Treasure Bonus Buy Slot

Most people know Aladdin from the 1992 Disney animation or the awful 2019 live-action remake that we can only hope is eventually forgotten without a trace. However, the story dates back much further. The text comes from a collection of stories called One Thousand and One Nights that was compiled between the 8th and 13 centuries. In the 1700s, the works were translated into English and published under the name Arabian Nights. Today, the stories have been reimagined endlessly including the new slot from Evoplay entitled Unlimited Treasure Bonus Buy slot.

Do you know the magic word?

Unlimited Treasure Bonus Buy slot’s headline feature is its endless reels. How this works is that when you hit a winning combination, the slot will open another reel which will then spin to see if a symbol can be added to the winning combination. If a symbol is added to the winning combination, another reel will open. The process can continue endlessly until no new symbols are added, at which time the reels will reset for the next spin.


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The slot has a wild symbol that will complete or extend winning combinations when it appears on the reels. It will, however, not substitute for the scatter symbol to unlock a round of the slot’s bonus feature.

The appearance of three or more scatter symbols will trigger a round of 10 free spins. Any additional free spins symbols added to unlock the feature will award an extra two free spins to your total. If you manage to grab four scatter symbols during a round of free spins, an additional three free spins will be added to your total.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for a pickpocket and his monkey to steal your stash, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s free spins bonus feature.

Will Unlimited Treasure Bonus Buy slot be endlessly entertaining?

The infinite reels feature certainly does set Unlimited Treasure Bonus Buy slot apart even in the extremely saturated Arabian Nights theme. The graphics, music, and animations all work together to elevate that basic feature to complete a pretty fantastic package. Throw in a few bonus features, and you’ve got a pretty amazing slot game.

The slot has medium to high volatility, giving the gameplay a nice balance between rare big wins and more consistent small wins which keeps the action ticking over. And if you do encounter a few dull moments, there is always the bonus buy feature. The 3,802x max multiplier is strangely specific and will allow you to play for up to €114,060 in winnings betting at €30 a spin. The slot has an RTP of 96.06%.

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