Explore China and Uncover Treasure in The Great Wall Slot!

The Great Wall of China is arguably one of the greatest engineering feats of all times, and it has managed to stand the test of time. So, what better way to pay homage to this epic construction marvel than by exploring it while spinning some reels and taking home a mega stack of cash!

Get ready to explore this huge wall as you spin the reels in The Great Wall slot. There are huge wins on offer and the grand emperor will help you round up the cash!

Wins Bigger Than the Wall Itself

What better way to spend your Thursday than by racking up some wins that are bigger than the Great Wall of China. As you’re spinning the reels, you have the chance for the emperor to make an appearance and grant you a multiplier bonus. These bonuses can reach the dizzying heights of 500x, so keep an eye out for him. If it’s your lucky day, you can walk away with a truly legendary 8,297x your stake. With a max bet of €30, that works out at a rather tantalizing €248,910 from a single spin – not bad for a wall!

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Let’s Win in Free Spins!

Every time you spin the reels, you take one more step along the Great Wall. So, that means in free spins mode you can cover some real ground. If the emperor lands on a reel that has the Free Spins marker on the wall, you will win 10 free spins. Here, the emperor will make more appearances and you can win the supercharged multipliers. Free spins mode is where the biggest wins are, so make sure you form a pact with the emperor to help you bag that 500x multiplier!

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The Emperor is a Nice Guy, We Promise

Emperors have this bad reputation of being rather snooty and not helpful at all, but this emperor is rather generous. At random, the reels will glow and his smug face will slide onto the reels. At the top of the reels you will notice bonuses that move along each time you spin. Whichever reel the emperor lands on will grant you the bonus that’s sat at the top – winning big multipliers and free spins is really that simple!

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The Great Wall is certainly one of the most visually appealing slots we’ve seen so far this year, and the big wins on offer make it even more exciting. Don’t forget, as you’re spinning the reels you will earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week and bag yourself a slice of €1,000!