Take Aim and Fire at the Legendary Wins in the Wilhelm Tell Slot!

We all know the story of “Mr. Steal From the Rich and Give to the Poor” Robin Hood but not everyone is familiar with the Swiss version of Robin, Wilhelm Tell. This guy was a master marksman but instead of the bow and arrow he took it to the next level with his spectacular crossbow skills in the 14th century. In Yggdrasil’s brand spanking new release, the Wilhelm Tell slot, you will get the chance to show your own skills with the crossbow while stuffing your pockets with some truly legendary wins.

You can count on stacked wilds, free spins and a whole bunch of multipliers to be part of your posse and help you land the big wins so take aim and let the arrows fly at the reels!

Welcome to the Swiss Alps

Your targets have been set with 5 reels ready to be your bullseyes of the day. A wooden cabin set in a stunning valley deep in the Swiss Alps provides a scenery making us all long for the wild outdoors and with the perfectly composed soundtrack, this is a great vibe. Classic symbols are in play but don’t freak out when you discover that the wild is a little boy tied to a tree with the symbolic Wilhelm Tell red apple on his head. It’s just a game!

When there is a win in sight the wild can smell it and will become stacked and cover the entire reel in your honor, making sure you are getting paid!


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Risk It All Free Spins

Even crossbow champ Tell knows the money is in the free spins and this is what you should be aiming for as well. After landing 3 or more of the free spin symbol you will get three options to set them up.


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You can choose to take the safe road with 10 of them and a x5 but if you are really in it to win it, you can risk it all for one single spin with a smashing 50x multiplier! Is there a daredevil within?


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Money Making Crossbow

While you channel your inner Wilhelm Tell and rack up the wins, crossbow in hand, don’t forget that you are gathering points and climbing the leaderboard in Slot Wars. Break the top 40 by the end of the week and get a nice penny from the €5,000 weekly giveaway!