The Kanpai Banzai Slot Has Wins That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Sushi has been around for centuries and one of the worlds most favorite dishes to this day. The creativity behind some of them is amazing and you have to respect the 5-10 years of schooling it takes to become an Itamae, a Japanese Sushi Master. One of the fun ideas of serving sushi is the conveyor belt. With the help of Playtech’s latest slot, the Kanpai Banzai slot, we get to enjoy this in a slot version.

We love the unique way of presenting symbols on the reels but it does bring out a massive appetite for both sushi and a big payday, so take out a pair of chopsticks and get ready to roll!

Conveyor Belt Action

As mentioned, the delivery of the symbols comes in a different way than we are used to and we find it refreshingly creative. While the conveyor belt rolls around you will see 5 different sushi dishes cruising by your face so be sure to have a napkin close by so you can wipe off the drool.

Another thing you will notice is due to the conveyor belt, the reels will spin horizontally instead of vertically that we are used to.


Beware of Falling Sushi

Even with rolling sushi you will have cascading symbols, meaning all winning symbols will disappear and leave room for new ones that can get you even bigger wins. With each cascade, extra helpers will be given such as wild reels and multipliers. It’s pretty simple, the more consecutive wins you can rack up the bigger the payday.

If you manage to get all the way to 10 cascades, you will continue to spin with 2 wild reels and a 2x multiplier.


Who Is Ready for Sushi Delivery?

It’s impossible to play this slot without hitting up the nearest sushi spot on speed dial. All of it looks so yummy and with the winnings you can pay for the sushi. That’s pretty much free sushi if you think about it!

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