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Remember when Mike Tyson became so tired of looking at himself and made the smartest decision of all time? If that ever turned into the latest trend in society, such as the beards that have helped thousands of ugly men to become quite the hit with the ladies, we can’t promise to be the first ones to jump on the train. Tribe slot puts this to the test and it does seem to be a popular move, so we tip our imaginary hat and say kudos!

River Runs Wild

Endorphina decided to get into a little face paint action, which led to this scary but gorgeous game. The inviting backdrop with mountains and the riverbank on the prairie makes you want to get an authentic handmade canoe from the local tribe and start paddling downriver. One can dream but let’s keep the focus on the 5 reels and 9 paylines right in front of us for now.

The tribe members pictured as the symbols can be considered intimidating, as well as fascinating. To join the club on the reels are dolphins, whales, octopuses among others and as the special symbols, you will see a boat of warriors as the wild while the scatter is an ancient tribe amulet.


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Double and Triple Your Winnings

Who knew that this particular tribe enjoyed the excitement that comes with the gambling option after each win? Trust your gut and pick red or black while you double your cash.

Free spins will be yours if you manage the task of landing 3 or more scatters. These spins will come with a backpack full of 3x multipliers, but that is not even the best. If you have earned the respect of the tribe, you may even get an unlimited amount of free spins. This will happen as long as you manage to stay away from the blue sun. It does sound complicated but the only thing you need to worry about is the money you will win if that happens!

Perhaps we should also mention that this tribe is loaded and will pay out a whopping 900,000 as a max coin win.


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Respect the Tribe

There is an immediate level of respect for any tribe that is still out there, living in their secluded world, far away from ours. Respect will also be given to this slot and we hope you can feel the power behind these painted faces and trust them to bring you fortune!