Get Ready for the Craziest Game Ever – It’s Time for Crazy Time

Evolution Gaming is always looking to crank the craziness up a notch and has managed to raise the bar with numerous new releases, including the likes of Monopoly, Double Ball Roulette and Side Bet City.

But Evolution Gaming has totally blown its previous crazy record out of the water with the launch of its latest game. Get ready for the craziest live casino game that you’ve ever seen – and will likely ever see. It’s time for Crazy Time!

Multipliers on Ever Spin!

Crazy Time is a player’s dream come true and a casino’s worst nightmare. If you’ve ever played Dream Catcher or Monopoly, you’ll be familiar with the betting field layout and how the wheel works. If not, we’re going to go through that in just a second. There is a huge wheel and the host spins it, with the flapper landing on a number or bonus round that will be the result. You can then bet on these numbers and bonus rounds in order to win.

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The best feature about Crazy Time is that when the bets are closed, a second wheel will spin, giving a game name and multiplier to be added. This happens on each and every spin of the wheel, giving you up to 50x multipliers to kick off the round. If you can be lucky enough to see a 50x multiplier added to a bonus round, you know you’re in for a mega payday!

Not One, Not Two, But Four Bonus Modes!

In other game show games from Evolution Gaming, we’ve seen one or two bonus modes, but Crazy Time takes bonus rounds to a new level with four on offer. First up you’ve got Cash Hunt, a funky mode that lets you shoot a symbol on a giant board to win a multiplier. Next, there’s coin flip where two sides of a coin will be given a multiplier value and whatever it lands on gets added to your bank account.

Then you’ve got Pachinko which sees the host put a glowing hockey puck into a board full of needles. As the puck falls down and gets bumped side to side, it will work its way towards a pocket that has a multiplier inside. That multiplier will then be yours for the taking.

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Finally, there’s Crazy Time. Featuring penguins wearing top hats, trains, a Ferris wheel, lions and just about everything else under the sun, Crazy Time is where you’re going to win an insane pile of cash. All you have to do is pick one of three flappers on the huge wheel and wait for the host to spin. The multipliers are bigger and the wins are crazier than ever before in this legendary bonus mode – just ask the lucky player that won €200,100 from a single round at BitStarz!

More Action Than We Can Even Describe

Honestly, words don’t do Crazy Time justice, it’s something you need to see for yourself. It’s the biggest and craziest game show game to ever exist. The hosts are incredibly bouncy and happy, giving you an even better experience when you’re spinning that huge wheel.

All we can say is good luck!

Pick the right bets and if lady luck is on your side you could walk out of Crazy Time with a crazy amount of cash in your pockets!