Big Wins and Mega Hits Are Joining Lemmy on Stage in Motörhead

There are only a few songs known as a perfect fit with the casino industry and one of them is the legendary “Ace of Spades” by Motörhead. When Lemmy, Mr handlebar moustache himself, passed away in 2015 the music industry mourned the british rock icon. We have never claimed to be the biggest metalheads or groupies of these guys but the song is one of a kind and it’s the obvious theme song for Motorhead slot.

Lemmy made a fashionable item out of the cavalry hat and his bore the insignia “Death or Glory” and it’s with that exact attitude we will spin the reels of this slot. All respect for Ace of Spades but we are looking to meet the Ace of Payouts. All or nothing, baby!

Hall of Fame Rockers

Let’s crank up the speakers and make the leather outfit work as we slowly (if there is such a thing) start banging our heads to the tunes of these Hall of Fame rockers. The roadies at NetEnt did a great job setting up the stage, worthy of Lemmy and the boys. The construction holds 5 reels and 75 paylines with an excellent button where you can turn the rock mode on or off.

Surrounded by bells, lucky 7’s, cherries, clovers, horseshoes and gold stars, Lemmy is the man of the hour in a tribute symbol. While the scatter is the game’s hard nosed looking logo, the wild is being represented by the ace of spades.


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Money Making Free Spins

Lemmy loved having a good time and was a prankster. Surely he would have appreciated a fun feature in an homage paying slot such as this. Free spins are a must for all of us and if you can take a break from the dancing and press the spin button, you can land 3 or more of the scatters and activate 10 free spins. Just like in any other slot, this is where you can make a ton of dough.


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Mystery Symbols Alert

There are other ways to scope up the cash besides free spins. Randomly, the mystery symbols will show up, sometimes even stacked, and you don’t know what symbol is hiding underneath. Once the reels stop spinning, the mystery symbol will transform into one of the regular ones and hopefully blast a ton of money your way!


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Worthy of Lemmy

Metal fans, hip hoppers, country lovers and good Christian women must all love this slot! When the legends start slaying on stage and the heroic tunes hit your eardrums you know they’ve got your full attention. Lemmy should be happy about the experience you get from playing this slot and the wins are worthy of the Motörhead name!

Our suggestion is to get some rock (no pun intended) solid wins and start your own band. This way you are one step closer to getting your name on a slot.