Find the Steampunk Treasures in Temperance Slot

Find the Steampunk Treasures in Temperance Slot!

We can’t say we have ever really gotten into the whole steampunk movement. We do however love how cool it looks and the inventive style and creativity behind it. If we ever did make an attempt at fully dive into it, clothes and all, we would become the town’s laughing stock. It’s probably best for all if we stick to admiring the creativity from afar. One way of doing it would be through the Temperance slot and if it can bring us some steampunk cash in the progress then kudos, Microgaming!

Welcome to 1946 France

First things first… the music… wow! What a way to introduce a game and set the mood. Charles Trenet holds your hand throughout your spinning with his classic french song, La Mer. Such a soothing song that removes any thought of stress.

This is a beautifully designed slot that takes place across 5 reels and 20 paylines. The reels and symbols are a bit smaller than what we are used to but for some reason it still works. Perhaps it is due to the steampunk design or the fact that Charles Trenet seems to silence all negative vibes. An old-school divers helmet, bottles, a radio and a sonar device are some of the symbols working their magic on the reels. We admit we caught ourselves staring at the cogwheels during many of our spins.

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Free Spin Freebies

Capturing 3 or more of the free spin symbols will trigger up to 20 free spins and add them to your arsenal. During this feature, you will come across stacked wilds and multipliers of up to 10x. If you are a fan of these freebies just like us, you will be happy to know you can retrigger them and rake in as many as 40 of them.

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Pinball Action

The gambling option is there after each win and it’s always a given for us to try it. As different as steampunk is, don’t expect the standard red or black card game. This is more of a pinball version where you need to pick red or blue, based on which side you expect the ball to bounce into. Watch the ball shoot out from the top and slowly, or quickly, make its way down.

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Survival Bonus

The bonus game is called Survival Bonus and it brings you deep below the surface and into various chambers. Take your pick amongst the paraphernalia and reveal cash prizes. Find the advance and you will proceed to the next room where the prizes are bigger and better. Keep working your way through the 5 levels and make yourself some coin.

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Steampunk Wins

We had a blast playing this slot. Yes, we were seduced by the music, but the game itself delivers as well. The features and looks are different which always spice things up. Simply put, this is a good time and we really recommend taking the plunge into the steampunk waters and fill your pockets with some steaming hot cash!