Feed Your Sweet Tooth in Crazy Jelly Slot!

Oh, how times have changed! With these new laws and regulations around the globe regarding cannabis, the market for gummy bears and other infused jelly products is exploding. Perhaps Platipus had this in mind when creating Crazy Jelly slot, as spinning the reels might be even better if you were to nibble on one of these wonderful creations while being hypnotized by the magnificent colors on the screen.

Secret Dentists Society

Go nuts with Crazy Jelly on 5 reels and 10 paylines and feel your teeth sweat from all the sugar on offer. It could be a smart move by the secret dentists society of the world to sponsor this slot as the chairs will be filled for years with fresh new clients. You can literally see the sugar on the symbols, so a big shout out to all you dentists. The jellies are taking over the reels in this game and the colors and shapes are as many as jelly beans in a package.


Expanding Wilds

The biggest (no pun intended) thing with this slot, are the expanding wild. These large and in charge symbols will land on reels 2, 3 or 4 and expand to trigger 1 lucky re-spin. Should another wild appear during this spin, it will blow up and expand and add a double effect, which can be very rewarding.


The Sweetest of Max Wins

The wins up for grabs are just as tasty as the game itself. As damaging to your teeth this slot may be, it has you covered thanks to the maximum win of 1,000,000 coins. How does it have you covered, you may ask? Well, that’s enough cash to pay for the extra visit to the dentist’s chair. Boom!


Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth!

Crazy Jelly will appeal to all of you with that unavoidable sweet tooth and a taste for solid wins. Sure, you won’t be overwhelmed with a whole lot of features, but the re-spins and expanding wilds will keep you on your toes and who cares as long as the coin keeps coming in. We had a great time and we will leave you with advice from the secret dentist society. You should definitely enjoy this slot but remember to brush your teeth afterward!