Spin the Dice Dice Dice and roll Your Way to Big Wins!

There’s a good chance you’ve got a slightly sore head if you partied hard yesterday celebrating St Patrick’s Day, and we can’t blame you for having so much fun. With you likely feeling rather unwell and the room still spinning, it’s time to take things down a notch and try out a slightly simpler game – think base game, multipliers and respins only.

Dice Dice Dice slot is the perfect hangover cure thanks to its dark theme, gentle background music and rather juicy wins. So, let’s all cure our hangovers and spin the reels a few times – winning money always makes it better!

Little Dice, Big Wins

If you’re chasing the legendary hungover big win, Dice Dice Dice is definitely the game for you. The win potential from these little dice is truly out of this world. Landing a dice in the middle reel will cause the dice to spin and award a multiplier to your win. This creates a legendary max win of €250,000 from a single spin – now that’s not a bad day’s work when you’re hungover. Dice Dice Dice is a medium to high volatility game, but you will still land wins relatively frequently.

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Respins Grant You Massive Wins

We mentioned that Dice Dice Dice is a relatively simple and straightforward game, but it does have one funky feature. When you spin the reels, you randomly have the chance to trigger respins. You will get respins until you no longer land dice in the middle reel. Reach dice wild that forms part of a winning combo will increase the multiplier for the respins, allowing you to bag that epic 5,000x multiplier. Respins are potentially unlimited, so keep landing those dice and you can live in this very generous respins mode!

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Dice Dice Dice might be very simplistic, but this makes it perfect for new players and players looking for a more relaxed casino experience. There’s no need to learn about complex features; all you have to do is sit spin, sit back and relax – the big wins will take care of the rest of the work. Dice Dice Dice is perfect for all players, and if you’re feeling anything like us today, you will definitely want to give it a spin or two – the dark background helps with the headache!