Try Your Hand at Wild Texas and Play Cards Like a Cowboy

If you want to play cards like a cowboy, or just simply fancy some wild west-themed card action you’re going to love Wild Texas. The rules are similar to poker, but it’s much more fast-paced as you’re trying to make winning card combinations. It plays rather similar to Jacks or Better Double Up, but you need a king or better to score the lowest win as opposed to a jack. It’s a rather simple and easy game, perfect for when you don’t want to think too much.

Getting Used to the Interface

Unlike a lot of other online card games, the interface isn’t the most obvious to use at first. You will automatically start off using the lowest wager possible – 0.40 coins – but you can increase this by clicking on the paytable at the top of the screen. Simply click on the column of the paytable that you wish to use – it’s a fairly hidden feature. To hold cards all you have to do is click the cards you desire once, and then draw to complete the hand.

Double Up Your Winnings

Want walk away with a huge win? We have some great news, you can double up your winnings twice. After you score a winning hand, you are given the option to double up all the winnings or given it a half-size boost. Select one of these options and you will dealt a card face up with four more face down. All you have to do is pick a card that has a higher value than your face up card.

This is just down to pure luck and there is no way to know, so use this feature carefully. If you’re dealt a high-value face up card, you could be in for a loss. Cards with tie value result in a push and you can play the bonus game again. If you win, you can choose to double up once more, giving you the chance to make even more cash.

No Real Use for Strategies

Wild Texas is a rather simple game, without room for strategies. You can’t pull back portions of your bets and there is a good chance you could start with a dud hand. Should you prefer using betting strategies like the d’Alembert, you might want to stick to roulette or blackjack.

When it comes down to it, Wild Texas is a really fun option if you’re looking for a quick and simple card game to try and turn a quick buck. That being said, it is lacking in features and only allows you to play one hand at a time. If you want to strike it big and clean out the casino, Jacks or Better Double Up is definitely the game you should be playing.

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