Find Treasure at the Bottom of the Sea in Ocean’s Treasure Slot!

It’s Thursday and we’re heading back out to sea, but this time we’re going to dive right to the bottom to see what we can find. Rumor has it, there is a ton of treasure sat on the ocean’s floor, so we’re all diving down to see what we can find to take home.

Get your breathing gear ready and top up those oxygen tanks, we’re diving in the deep end as we spin the reels in Ocean’s Treasure slot – there’s tons of big wins waiting for you!

The Queen of the Sea Guards the Treasure

Usually, the creature guarding the treasure is quite evil and will fight you to the death over it, but it seems like the queen of the sea is actually excited to see the treasure go. Acting as a fully stacked wild, the queen of the sea will help you rack up some pretty big wins. Combine her skills with the other wilds in Ocean’s Treasures and you can rack up a pretty tasty win worth €56,250 from a single spin. When you consider that Ocean’s Treasure is a medium volatility game that likes to pay out, that big win suddenly becomes a rather hefty amount of cash!

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Collect Treasure to Trigger Free Spins

Collecting scatter symbols is always fun as it means you’ve just unlocked free spins mode. In Ocean’s Treasure the free spins symbol is a massive chest filled with gold, diamonds and pearls – quite the treasure trunk if you ask us. Landing one on reel 1, 3 and 5 will trigger free spins mode, giving you a shot at racking up crazy big wins. Each win gives you a purple chip, and when you gather two chips the multiplier increases. If you complete all the levels, you will unlock a rather nice bonus at the end of free spins mode – so keep those wins coming if you want to win the big bucks!

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Ocean’s Treasure is absolutely jam-packed with action, big wins and excitement. So, spin those reels if you love winning and having a great time. The queen of the sea will make sure that your wins remain high and frequent. Don’t forget, as you’re spinning the reels you will gather points for the Slot Wars leaderboard. Placing in the top 40 at the end of the week will reward you with a slice of €5,000 while placing 41st to 150th will reward you with a share of 5,000 free spins!