Learn to Master the Game of Football Like Ronaldo and Messi

The stupid argument around the world on what to call the biggest sport in the world, football or soccer has been going on for a long time and call it what you will but considering what you are actually using to kick the ball around should lead to the only answer possible.

One thing that everybody agrees on is the crazy amount of money these guys are making. Thanks to some of our friends, we can play the games below and have a chance to make a ton of money ourselves, so in a weird way we have to thank Ronaldo and Messi for paving the way for us!

Football Mania Deluxe – Wazdan

Put on your boots and tie those laces because you need to be on top of your game if you are looking to master Football Mania Deluxe slot. As soon as the referee blows his whistle to start the match with your first spin, get ready for some non-stop action! From penalty kicks to lotteries, there are a ton of really cool features for you to enjoy and while they keep interchanging, the cash you will win make sure you’re having a fantastic experience!


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Knockout Football – Habanero

This is your chance to feel like a real footballer. Really? Yes, really. The max coin win in the Knockout Football slot will blast your account with 2,000,000 and cashing in on that would definitely make us feel like one. With features such as Super Striker Bonus and Knockout Free Games you can easily become the undisputed champ of this knockout version but because of the massive payouts, the competition is fierce so get ready to prove yourself!


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Football – Endorphina

The World Cup is being celebrated in Endorphinas Football slot and the cartoonish take on all characters associated with football make this game a lot more fun than you would first think. Be sure to have the volume on so you don’t miss all the fun sound effects that will put your mind smack in the middle of the crowd at a World Cup final. The gambling option is a way to get the advantage on your opponent as it can really boost your winnings so go out there and show who’s in charge.


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Football: Champions Cup – NetEnt

The World Cup and the Champions League are already some of the most popular names in football. It’s time to add another name to that list with the Football: Champions Cup slot. Looking to see if there’s anything exciting besides the overall theme, you will quickly find a free spin game initiating immediate knockout rounds in the big tournament. Keep a check on the board to see what teams move on and if yours is one of them. The max coin win in this sliding tackle is a sweet 210,350.



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Football Star – Microgaming

Goals, fire and a ton of free spins is the trick to take home the big bucks in Football Star slot. Landing 3 or more of the scatter ball will set you up with 25 free spins and this isn’t the only feature in this slot needing your attention. The Striking Wild is a random bonus and just like Leo Messi, he can strike at any time. Put the ball in the net and hear the roar from the crowd!


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Make Football Money

So, are you ready to make real football money? These are some of our many football slots so put your favorite jersey on and start passing, shooting and scoring your way towards the riches.

Don’t forget our own tournament, Slot Wars, where you can make even more money by making the top 40 list at the end of each week and start celebrating with a nice piece of €5,000!