Step on the Gas to Get Paid Big Time in Wild Chase: Tokyo Go Slot

For all you Fast and the Furious fans out there, this may be the closest you will get to the same action in terms of a slot. Get ready to shift the gear into overdrive and put the pedal to the metal as you fly through the streets of Tokyo in the high-octane street race Wild Chase: Tokyo Go slot. As a getaway driver you have to be one of the best, especially when the blue lights are flashing in your rearview mirror.

The love child sequel to The Wild Chase is just as exciting but the action is turned up a notch or even two, almost as if someone pressed the Nitro boost button more than once. We are glad to see Quickspin decided to keep the respin feature on every single win where you can really stockpile your money and with the new Super Respin feature in full effect there is no stopping you.

A Nice New Twist on the Grid

You can expect a different grid than what you are used to but considering the effect it has on your overall player experience, we are all for it. Starting off with a 2-3-4-4-5 reel setup, if you maneuver the streets of Tokyo like a local you will soon be staring at a 5×5 money making machine. Besides a few Tokyo drifters, you should be looking forward to seeing diamonds, cash, watches, gold and champagne. Definitely things to be racing for, right!


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One of Our Absolute Favorites

Automatic espins for every win is one of the things we love the most about this game and this time every respin har a higher number of possible winning combinations. For each win, the winning symbol will take a step to the left, leaving more room for another one.

This is where the grid will grow for each win all the way up to a solid 5×5 setup, where it will stay until you are out of wins.

Super Speed Super Respin

After skidding around the corners like the ace driver you are, you deserve to join the Super Respin adventure. This will happen when you have made it through 4 respins. The reels will then automatically respin and the money roll in, until your lucky streak ends. Keep drifting that car and get to this feature asap.

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You will be paid after each of the respins and to make things even more exciting, the number of ways you can win has increased from the base game’s 76 to 259 during your Super Respins!

Streets Are Calling Your Name

Although the streets of Tokyo are calling your name, keep in mind that your spins will help you advance in the other race, Slot Wars. Pick up speed and get a nice piece of the €5,000 weekly pie!