Win Stacks of Chips in Blackjack Multihand VIP

When it comes to winning stacks of chips bigger than the Empire State Building, what better way to go than with a casino classic. Blackjack Multihand VIP is a new twist on the classic game, where the stakes are higher and the wins are bigger. Settle in to the best seat in the house, play multiple hands at once, and rake in those chips like you’re Don Johnson on a hot streak!

Get That VIP Feeling

It can be quite hard to get the same land-based VIP blackjack experience online, but Blackjack Multihand VIP spares no expense in making you feel at home. The crisp purple cloth looks so good, you can almost smell the lacquer holding it to the table. If that wasn’t enough, the stakes have been raised so you can place bigger bets and win more money than ever before. Forget about any other way of playing blackjack online, Blackjack Multihand VIP is the best experience around.

Play Multiple Hands at Once

To give yourself the best chance of cleaning house and walking away with all the chips, playing multiple hands at once is recommended. Blackjack Multihand VIP gives you the power to play three hands simultaneously and at your own pace – no dealers rushing you here. Stand, double down, or hit – the choice is yours on up to three separate hands. Play aggressive on your first hand and use your other two as insurance – it’s the way smart money plays.

Blackjack or a Classy Jazz Bar?

As the sweet rhythms of smooth jazz play in the background, the sound of the cards being dealt and the gentle crackle of a cigar being smoked will give you an authentic VIP feeling, just as if you were playing at the most exclusive casino in town. As you carefully ponder your next move, whether you’re about to double down on a soft 16 or hit on a risky 17, you can be sure that the soundtrack will help you keep your cool.

Test Out Your Best Strategy

The best part about Blackjack Multihand VIP? It’s got to be the fact you have all the time in the world to make your next move. There is no dealer rushing you, no other players casting you dirty looks – just infinite time. This provides the perfect training ground for you to try out your best strategies and perfect them for when you hit the casino floor. Whether you’re going to count cards or modify the martingale system to your advantage, you can be sure that nobody will judge you as you take your time to figure your next move out.

Head on down to the classiest felt around town and play multihand blackjack online. Every hand you play will earn you points towards the Table Wars promotion. If you place in the top 30 at the end of the week, you will earn a slice of €1,000.

Good luck and most of all enjoy the VIP experience – you deserve it!