Roll Your Way to Big Wins in Sic Bo Macau

Sic Bo is one of the oldest games on the planet and it has been played by Chinese emperors for as long as records go back. This classic dice game gives you the chance to pick out your favorite numbers and win by rolling a handful of die. Sounds easy? The die aren’t always on your side, so place smart bets to secure your chances of taking home the cash!

The Smart Bet Wins

There are a range of bets you can play in Sic Bo Macau, but not all are as smart as one another. While some might pay at a whopping 150:1, those bets come in once in a lifetime. While 1:1 might sound like terrible odds, if you place these bets properly you can end up walking away flush with pockets filled with coins. It’s not the most glamorous way to roll the dice, but it’s where the smart money goes.

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Pick Specific Combos for Mega Wins

While you won’t find free spins in Sic Bo Macau, you will find a range of high-paying bets that have some crazy odds on them. Picking the exact outcome of the three die can land you up to 50x your stake, but remember the chances of this happening aren’t overly high. Your best bet is to stick to small, high, odd or even bets for the best shot at taking home a win. That being said, if you can pull off one of these high-paying wins then you will be taking home more gold than an ancient emperor.


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Customize the Layout

Not everyone likes to play on the same color felt, so Sic Bo Macau has created a number of different playing areas, just for you. Pick from dark green, light green, purple, red and blue for your play area felt. Each different color combo will change the contrast, so if you have difficulty seeing with a certain color combo, you can quickly and easily change it up from the menu on the top right-hand side of the game play area.


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Sic Bo Macau might not pack the biggest wins around, but it certainly delivers a huge amount of entertainment for a dice game. Don’t forget, every roll of the dice will earn you points towards the Table Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 to win a slice of €1,000. May the dice land in your favor, we’ve got our fingers crossed for you!