Head to Egypt in Search of Treasures in Eye of Ra Slot!

To round off the week, we’re heading into one of the wealthiest periods the Earth has ever seen. That’s right, we’re going to visit the Egyptian pharaohs in Eye of Ra slot. There is lots of sand flying everywhere, so make sure you’re wearing some eye protection. Despite the dangers, the wins and loot on offer is totally worth it, so spin those reels and let’s win some big bucks!

Godly Wins Are Waiting with Ra

Ra was the god of the sun, so whenever there was a cloudy or miserable day in Egypt, they all used to pray to Ra and offer him all sorts of treats. Over the years, Ra has been stashing them away and if you’re lucky you will be able to find where he kept everything. If you can uncover the treasure room, you can scoop up €150,000 from a single spin – let’s just hope Ra doesn’t find out you snuck into his treasure room and cleaned him out!

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Bigger Wins Means Bigger Pyramids

Granted, €150,000 might not be the most amount of money we’ve ever seen from an Egyptian themed slot, but it’s a pretty decent amount of cash. That being said, if you want a bigger and better pyramid, you need to pay the bug bucks. So, with that in mind, Amatic has added in a funky gamble feature that lets you risk your winnings to double or quadruple your money. Picking the right color will double up your prize money, while picking the correct suit will let you quadruple your winnings. Pick carefully though, make the wrong choice and all that cash goes back in Ra’s treasure room!

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With fully stacked wilds occupying most of the middle reel, you won’t have any issues racking up legendary wins. There is also a fun free spins mode on offer if you collect three of more bonus symbols. Best of all, when you’re spinning the reels and exploring ancient Egypt for treasure, you will earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week to help yourself to a slice of €1,000 – Ra would approve of you taking money from someone else for a change, we’re sure!