Get on the Money Train Slot and Let It Take You on a Wild Ride

Trains were popular targets for bandits back in the day and often a chopped down tree across the tracks meant the beginning of a living hell for its passengers. Powered by Relax Gaming, today’s train will not be stopping for a minor hiccup like a fallen tree, but it will stop for you.

The Money Train slot will not only stop at your station, it comes bearing gifts in the shape of a fat pile of cash, including a €200,000 max win. Most of the big bucks will be hiding in the armed Money Cart Bonus Round, so get in on the action by spinning and let the train take you where you need to go.

Get ready for a lot of choo choo and even more cha-ching!

Time to Open the Gates

It’s a very cool looking locomotive that is rollin’ into town and as soon as it comes to a halt, it will open the gates and reveal the 5 reels and 40 paylines. Don’t forget to take a moment and appreciate the great graphics. Kudos, Relax Gaming.

Just like pulling off a train robbery back in the day, this game has a high volatility. There is a juicy 20,000x multiplier hiding in the Money Cart Bonus Round and you will be playing with an above average 96.2% RTP.


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Get Into the Money Cart for the Gold

As suspected, the security is being taken very seriously and much like a presidential motorcade, there are decoys. When you land 3 of the bonus symbols, you will trigger the Money Cart Bonus feature. Here is the kicker. They keep the big money on another train, so not until the next train rolls in will you be able to go for the gold.

You will start off with 3 trigger symbols that all have an individual value and set you up with 3 free spins. Every time you hit another symbol, other than tumbleweed, the spin count will reset till 3.

There are a few other symbols of importance, besides the bonus multipliers, that can help you get your hands on the big money payouts.

  • Persistent Collector: Gives you a multiplier and collects all other visible values on the reels and adds to its own.
  • Persistent Payer: Will add its value to all other symbols and will keep adding it after every single spin.
  • Payer: Adds its own value to all the others.
  • Collector: Will give you a value of its own and also collect all others and add to it.
  • Widener: Has a value but will also throw a dynamite, exposing another reel. Nice!

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Money Talks

Now that you know your way around the train and where the money is hiding, you may want to know about the buy feature. Pay up the 80x your stake fee and you can go straight to the Money Cart!

Stay focused

Trains are an underrated way of transport and it’s great to see it being through back into the spotlight.

This is a fun game and we truly enjoyed it and it’s nice to know you won’t have to chop down a tree to get to the cash. Keep spinning and see you on the second train!