Things Are Getting Icy in the New Let It Slide Slot!

Ice and acorns – what does this remind you of? A squirrel-rat, right? Scrat! If you’re sitting there, scratching your head, wondering what the heck I’m going on about… It’s the new Let It Slide slot. And its frosty familiarity with the childrens’ hit film franchise, Ice Age.

But remember, slots are not child’s play, and hence, this is not a journey through the Ice Age on the back of Manny the mammoth – it’s treacherous, it’s tough, and it’ll get you in a tailspin for wins of up to €190,410!

Layer up your thermals and get ready to glide with me through snowy scenery for wild winter rewards. Just don’t let the frostbite bite.

Don’t let this slot slide

I am well impressed with this Jade Rabbit release. They don’t have a very big portfolio of slots just yet, but if this one is anything to go off, then I’m excited for what they have planned next. Bring it on!

Let It Slide slot will have you trudging through centuries-old lands where frozen fortunes lie. Unfortunately, its current inhabitants are not sloths and saber-tooth tigers because I know how hilarious they can be. Instead, they’re a super-smart Eskimo clan who created totems to protect their tribe.

I can’t deny the comedy that’s apparent here, or maybe it’s just my useless eyesight or lack of imagination… But I can identify almost all of the totems, except for one. There’s zero doubt we’re being watched by a moose, a bear, a wolf, a cougar, and… a rabbit? Or is it a mouse? Or a squirrel? Aha! It must be a squirrel – because, you know, Ice Age.

Now that I have identified the mystery totem squirrel, I am happy to announce that Let It Slide slot is full of fossilized features to have fun with.


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Let me get that ice, ice, bonus

Stop, collaborate and listen… This 96.4% RTP slot is on a bonus mission! It’s wild. Make way for Wilds, Sliding Wilds, Sliding Multiplier Wilds, Sticky Wilds, Stacked Wilds, and Ice Frames.

Here we have a slot based on extinction, which boasts pretty much every type of wild feature in existence. What a juxtaposition! I love it.

The question remains, how do these help us get an avalanche of awards falling our way? Cue in the Free Spins! If you land 2 Stacked Wilds on the reels, then unlimited free spins will be yours to score snowy wins. These wilds will then slide, and the free spins will continue for as long as there is still a Sliding Wild or a Sliding Multiplier Wild on the screen.


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While this slot has a very high volatility, it also has a very high fun factor with another big bonus round to break the ice with – the Let It Slide Feature. If you land a full Stacked Wild on a reel, it will award whatever win is made, and throw in an extra Stacked Wild just for the fun of it. Our fun, that is.

All consecutive spins are respins and will see the Sliding Wilds travel around the reels. The Sliding Wilds have the chance to bounce back to the beginning of their travels and increase your chances of winning big bonus bucks!


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It’s cold but it’s cool!

We might be venturing off into below-temperatures for treasure, but with both pay ways activated, a buy bonus option, and all the fabulously frosty features addressed above – Let It Slide slot is one you should totally take for a ride!

To add to its already excellent offering, are its great graphics, weirdly zen soundtrack, and action-packed gameplay.

Just when you thought winter was behind you – Let It Slide slot made its debut! Woohoo.