Riches on the High Seas in Yo-Ho Gold! Slot

The seafaring outlaws that we all know as pirates are revered for their daring exploits on the high seas, from attacking merchant ships and making off with treasure to taking on the world’s most powerful navies. Life as a pirate was not for the faint of heart, though. Danger and uncertainty lurked around every corner. Pirates often endured harsh conditions, battled storms and disease, so much disease, and were always being threatened with capture and execution by the most sadistic means.

Experience the hunt for riches on the Seven Seas without the threat of disease and execution in Yo-Ho Gold! slot from 3 Oaks Gaming.

Set sail for the Seven Seas

Yo-Ho Gold! slot is a 5-reel video slot that features 25 fixed paylines. The slot’s base game features a wild symbol that will substitute for most others to complete winnings combinations.


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If you manage to grab three or more gold coin bonus symbols you’ll trigger a round of the slot’s bonus game. The bonus game can also be triggered with two bonus symbols and one Permanent symbol.

Once the bonus game is triggered, you’ll get three spins to add additional coins to the reels. If you manage it, your three spins will be reset. However, if you go three spins without adding another symbol to the reels, your bonus round will be over and your winnings totaled. During the bonus game, you will also get the chance to grab a number of bonus symbols.

  • Bonus symbols:
    Payer – reveals a random reward and adds it to all other rewards.
  • Collector – reveals a random reward and collects all rewards on the reels and adds them to its own reward.
  • Multiplier – reveals a random reward and doubles between two and eight other rewards.
  • Extender – reveals a random reward and opens an additional reel, up to a maximum of three additional reels.
  • Permanent Payer – adds a random reward to the reels at the end of every spin.
  • Permanent collect – reveals a random reward and collects all rewards on the reels and adds them to its own on every spin.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for the navy to catch up, you can select to get off at the next port by purchasing a round of the slot’s bonus feature.

Is Yo-Ho Gold! slot shipshape and ready for the open ocean?

Yes, it’s another pirate-themed slot. I am a fan of the genre but like superhero movies, there has definitely been some gloat-induced fatigue with these slots over the last few months. That said, Yo-Ho Gold! slot did feel like it was a little fresh, something a little out of the ordinary. I’m not sure if I can put my finger on exactly what it is about the slot, but I did find myself drawn to it despite being a little tired of pirate-themed slots. I am not sure this is a recommendation, but it’s worth a few spins.

If you’re looking for big multipliers, there are few bigger than the 25,225x max multiplier in Yo-Ho Gold! slot. The multiplier gives you a shot at playing for up to €252,250 in winnings betting at just €10 a spin. And if you’re betting at the €0.20 a spin minimum, you can still play for as much as €5,045. The slot does have very high volatility, though. This means that you are going to have to endure long stretches of no winning at all while you’re chasing those big multiplier wins. The slot has an RTP of 95.52%.

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