Lucky BitStarz Player Wins €200,100 on Crazy Time!

In case you’ve not heard of Crazy Time yet, it’s the craziest live casino game to ever grace god’s green Earth. Packing multipliers on every single spin, four bonus modes and a grand total of eight bet options per round, Crazy Time has been dishing out oodles of cash to players from all around the globe.

Adding to Crazy Time’s list of big winners, one lucky player from BitStarz managed to bag a whopping €200,100 from a single round on Crazy Time late last week. This is a mammoth win and the biggest of 2020 so far!

Dream Big, Win Bigger!

The BitStarz motto is truly apt for this mega win, as Crazy Time is the live game from our dreams. Crazy Time is every player’s dream come true thanks to the barrel of multipliers on offer and the mega wins that you can quickly rack up. We’ve seen streamers winning tens of thousands, but this is one of the first wins on Crazy Time that’s this high.

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On any given round, you can start off with a multiplier of 50x. Then if you manage to get this on a bonus round with a few doubles thrown in, you could be looking at a 5,000x multiplier on the bonus round in no time at all – it’s a very real possibility. There is no limit on the multiplier that can be won as the Doubles can just keep on coming, doubling up the multiplier that you’re currently on.

Plenty More Big Wins Around the Corner

Crazy Time has been with us less than a month, and we’re already seeing big winners being made left, right and center. It definitely won’t be long before we see another mega winner on Crazy Time and, quite frankly, we can’t wait to congratulate them of winning a massive pile of cash.

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You can do so much with €200,100, including paying off your mortgage, buying a nice new car, buying a holiday home, getting all your loved ones a gift, finally getting those renovation works done or taking a couple of years off work to travel the globe. The possibilities are only capped by your creativity!

Biggest Winner of 2020… So Far

It’s been a strange old year, but 2020 is now more than halfway done. The biggest win in 2019 stood at a colossal $2.4 million from a single spin, can players in 2020 try and top that? With Crazy Time here to help out, we’re pretty sure we could very well see another big winner to challenge 2019’s record win!

Good luck out there and a huge congratulations to the big winner!