$103,815 Big Win: The Night Racing Slot Is the Grand Prix of Games!

With over 4,000 games at BitStarz, I am always keen to see what players are playing. And it seems there was one big winner burning rubber on the reels yesterday, speeding for a smooth win of $103,815 in The Night Racing slot.

It’s not only the payout that’s worth celebrating but also the mega multiplier of 9,765.60x that made this big win possible.

If anything’s going to wake up a sleepy city, it’s this win – because I’m pretty sure most of us will now be shifting gears and revving for rewards in this game too. It’s clearly a diamond in the rough… Owing to its niche theme.

Luckily, we don’t need to do the driving. That might be a disaster. We’ll let the pros hit the pedal to the metal while we do what we do best, spin for our own wins in this ride-along.

Start your engines – you don’t want to miss this

The Night Racing slot is insane. Belatra Games went all out to provide players with an adrenaline-filled game that encompasses everything speed racers are looking for; roaring engines, neon signs, screeching brakes, and electrifying features.

I have to say, I am surprised, considering Beltra’s website is a little 2000s. But you can’t judge a book by its cover. This provider has everything it needs in its arsenal to produce the perfect slot, and this is one of them.

So much attention has been paid to detail here, from a Push to Start spin button, and Speedometers navigating you through the dynamic features this game offers.

It’s on my map. I think it should be on yours. It has the graphics, the sounds, the story, the user experience… And most importantly, it has the wins.


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The Grand Prix of free games

This medium volatility slot gives out free games… In the main game. How cool is that? At any given moment, Wild symbols can land on the reels, and when they do, it fills the entire reel and awards a set of free games.

The Wild moves one space to the left at each new spin, and only once it reaches the leftmost reel will the round end. But we can’t forget that it’s a giant Wild with the power to persuade wins on every single spin.

And, who doesn’t want to see the “Queen of The Race” pop up in her leathery latex glory?


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The bonus rounds are midnight mayhem

This is where things heat up. The Bonus Game is made up of 3 spins on mini-reels… But forget about the regular paying symbols, we are playing with money, multipliers, and modifiers here.

It works on the same kind of system as a Hold & Win game, in that every grid you fill, the respins will be reset to 3. Apart from coin values and multiplier values, the other bonus symbols that might appear are Boosts, which adds speed to the Speedometer, Magnets which combine all credit symbols into one, and + values which adds loot to the bet.

I think it is genius. And there is a jackpot to win too, which you can hit if the Speedometer reaches a speed of 70 or more.

Buy your bonuses, craft them, choose your route, and race for those wins in this 95% RTP slot.


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May the best racer win!

We’ve just had one big winner doing their thing on The Night Racing slot, which landed them a whopping win of $103,815. You could be the next to drag it out in what is possibly the best racing slot around.

Congratulations to our winner, and I hope to see you all, after dark, racing for those rewards!