How to Become a BitStarz Blackjack Champion

Blackjack is and has been one of the most popular casino games in the world for a long time. It’s a fun game, but it can also get very personal if you are staring the dealer right in the eye as he is taking your money. It’s a game of chance at its core, although it doesn’t always feel like it. Be ballsy and draw one too many cards and you could go bust, while being a chicken and try playing it safe can also cost you. Anger is not your friend and in Blackjack it’s all about knowing whether your hand has what it takes to win and what to do in certain situations, depending on what cards you have been dealt.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that will help you turn the tables and increase your odds of winning.

Look For Advantages That Will Help You

We have all heard about how the house always wins. In this game, as you are playing against the dealer, try and look for advantages where you can get them. One of these advantages could be whether or not the dealer will stand on 17, even if it’s a soft 17. This will give you a better chance of beating the dealer and therefore increasing your odds of winning. Online casinos will give you the rules right on the felt. Knowing the difference will help you.

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Try and Avoid Insurance

Nobody likes insurance and that goes for this game as well. Unless you are able to count cards, this is a bad idea. The money you pay for this insurance will eat away at your cash faster than you realize. Only four out of thirteen cards will give the dealer Blackjack, which makes roughly 30% chance of winning. With the insurance payout of 2:1, you are likely to be taking a loss here. So, unless you’ve been counting the cards and know what’s coming, our recommendation is don’t go for the insurance.

Don’t Stand on Soft 17

Sometimes a 17 is a good hand. Not a great hand, but a good hand. However, if the 17 you have is a soft one (meaning you have an ace), you are better off if you take a hit. Since the ace is both 11 and 1, you have nothing to lose by taking a hit. By doing this, you are forcing the dealer to score better than 17, increasing their chances to bust.

Always Split Two Eights

A hand of two eights are by many considered one of the worst hands in Blackjack. As 16, your chance of going bust on a hit is very high. If you decide to stay, the odds of winning are really thin. Our recommendation is, therefore, to always split the eights and give yourself the chance of playing two hands. Your chances increases and you could actually win both hands.

Pick a System

If you are a player that prefers to use systems and strategies when playing games, there are plenty of them to choose from for the game of Blackjack as well. Have a look through the table below and find out which one could be interesting to you and your style of playing.

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Go Get Them!

These tips should help you improve your overall game and get you closer to raking in the big wins the next time you hit the Blackjack table. Be smart, be fearless but most of all have fun!

You can find plenty of tables to master in the BitStarz lounge and also Live Tables if you prefer the action to be a little more up close and personal!