Are RNG Games Better Than Live Casino? Let’s Find Out!

If you like to play table games at the casino, then you might have come across the two variants – live and RNG. There are major differences between the two, and both have their advantages and drawbacks. So, today we’re going to take a look into both types of table games and give you a rundown to see which is better for you and which will help you be more successful as a player!

Are you ready to learn about the two types of table games we have here at BitStarz Casino? Great. Let’s dive in!

What are RNG Games?

RNG (random number generator) games are table games at online casinos that rely on mathematics to run the game. There is no live dealer and all outcomes are predetermined thanks to the RNG. This doesn’t mean the casino has any control in the results, but simply the mathematical engine will generate the results for millions of rounds the second the game is loaded up.

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If you play RNG blackjack, you can wave bye, bye to card counting as RNG games use an auto shuffling system, meaning any cards drawn go back in the pile and are factored in for the next hand and its results. However, some RNG table games are provably fair, meaning you can adjust settings that will alter the outcome of the game. You can then take the hash you’re given and verify it on the game developer’s website to make sure that no cheating occurred.

What are the Pros and Cons of RNG Games?

RNG games do have a lot of positives thrown in with the negatives, so you have to take each point with a pinch of salt. There might be features you’re not a fan of, but you have less headaches with RNG games than you do live casino games. So, we’re going to make you a nice and easy to read list of the pros and cons of RNG games.

Pros of RNG Games:

  • Play at your own pace – no dealer hurrying you along
  • Games don’t get stuck mid round due to equipment failure
  • No breaks for shuffles or dealer changes
  • If you lose connection, you will carry off exactly where you left
  • Often a lot more side bet options

Cons of RNG:

  • There’s not atmosphere and it feels impersonal
  • You can’t count cards in RNG blackjack due to auto shuffle mechanisms
  • Graphics can feel old and outdated
  • Lack of variety and creativity in new games that are released

How About Live Casino Games?

Next up we take a look at Live Casino games. Live casino games too have their advantages and disadvantages, but honestly, it’s all much of a muchness. There are a few technical benefits and strategic benefits, but it’s all whether you prefer to play alone at your own pace or with other players and live human dealers.

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Pros of Live Casino Games:

  • Great atmosphere with the live dealers and action at the table
  • Can interact with other players through live chat
  • Amazing graphics at every single table and multiple camera angles
  • Can count cards in most blackjack games
  • Can play from leading casino floors around the world

Cons of Live Casino Games

  • Can consume a lot of data on mobile devices
  • Slower connections can cause lag and degradation of video and audio quality
  • Less side bets available and can me more confusing to place them
  • Less time between rounds to think and place bets, or take breaks

There you have it, these are the pros and cons of playing RNG and live casino games. At the end of the day, it really boils down to you. There is no real advantage to playing one type of the other, unless you’re a card counter in blackjack. However, card counting in live casino blackjack is very hard as the decks are cut well before a useful point.