You’ve Got Just Over 7 Days to Get Tickets for the Tesla Draw!

Our latest Tesla Model 3 giveaway is coming to an end, and you’ve got just over 7 days to pick up as many tickets as humanly possible. The more tickets you have, the more times your name will be in the draw, so make every second you have count.

Clear your schedule and book a week of vacation with work, you need to play your favorite games as much as possible if you’re desperate to get your hands on that Tesla Model 3!

There Can Only Be One Winner!

We know it’s pretty obvious, but there can only be one winner in this Tesla Model 3 giveaway, so don’t short change yourself. You’ve still got plenty of time to rack up as many tickets as you physically can, so make sure you’re doing it if you really want to win the car. You get a single ticket for every €100 you wager. It’s the same across any game, so that means you can have lots of fun playing your favorite games. Winning a brand-new Tesla Model 3 for playing your favorite games sounds pretty sweet, ehh!


Want More Tickets? This Tip Will Set You Right!

We’ve told you time, time and time again how you can pick up more tickets in the Tesla Model 3 giveaway, but maybe you missed the posts. Table games are actually your best option here, and more specifically, games where you can place gets that have a 48.61% chance of coming off. That means roulette and baccarat are two strong competitors. Then, place a bet on red and black at the same time.


This will count towards your wager requirement, giving you a whopping 97.22% chance of winning that bet and getting the tickets. A €100 stake on both outcomes will give you two tickets per round – imagine how many you can collect in 7 days using this trick!

Hurry, Time is Running Out!

Whatever you do, make sure you do it quickly. Time is running out and the deadline is just around the corner. There can only be one winner, so use all the tips you can to collect as many tickets as is physically possible. If you’re serious about winning that brand-new Tesla Model 3, you’re going to take this 7-day notice as your cue to hit your favorite games as hard as you possibly can!

Good luck!