How to Find the Yin to Your Yang and Get Paid in the New 9 Tigers

The famous phrase “less is more” is not something everyone believes in but when Wazdan puts it to the test in their latest release, the great 9 Tigers slot, it shows us all why this can be a very effective way of doing things.

That’s not the only deeper meaning behind this slot however, as the yin and yang plays a huge part especially in the outcome of your free spins. After all, we do tend to agree that often less is more but not when it comes to wins and payouts!

Experience Pure Tiger Power

Set in a stunning but secret location in Chinese nature, the lanterns are set and the fireflies are naturally attracted to them. Whether or not this would be a tigers natural habitat is yet to be revealed but they do make their presence known as they are the only symbols on the reels. Pure tiger power at its best!

With the number game of the 9 Tiger in mind, Wazdan made sure to stick to a 3×3 (equals 9 of course) grid and keep it simple in terms of symbols. Simple doesn’t mean lack of creativity though as the two tiger symbols feel very spiritual and they definitely still have a level of bite to them.


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Fire and Ice

If you thought the blue and fiery colored tigers were a coincidence, think again. The purpose is to represent the symbolism of yin and yang by using the Fire Tiger and the Water Tiger. With these two guarding the temple by the river, you know there are some secret treasures there needing protection and by that we mean there is some money to be made.

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Watch the Tigers Merge in Harmony

What do I need to do to get some free spins around here? We are glad you asked, as you can get 9 free spins by landing a full wall of the tiger of your choice and when you get to the bonus round, the symbols on the wall will stick around. When the tiger yin to your tiger yang appears, the two tigers will blend together and turn into a beautiful yin and yang symbol.

Upon having completed your 9 free spins, the newly constructed symbols will be your way to getting paid. The more of the tigers you managed to combine, the bigger the payout!


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Slot Wars Is the Yin to Your Yang

While you hunt tiger spirits in hope to make some cash, don’t forget that the yin to your yang could actually be Slot Wars. You are looking to get paid and Slot Wars can do that for you. All you have to do is keep playing slots, climb the leaderboard and get a piece of the €5,000 prize that is being given out each week. Tadaa!