Score Wins from the Afterlife in Rueda de Chile Slot

Día de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead for you non-Spanish speakers is celebrated in Mexico. The celebrations are dominated by bright colors and depictions of ornate skulls. And sure it’s a celebration of loved ones that have passed, but that shouldn’t stop slot providers from exploiting it for profit, should it? I mean we’ve already done Christmas and Easter, so why not this?

Jump on the corporate bandwagon today with Rueda de Chile slot from Evoplay.

Are you ready for the celebrations?

Welcome to Día de los Muertos at BitStarz. Grab your face paint and let’s see if we can commune with the afterlife for a shot at that €303,400 max win.

In Rueda de Chile slot La Catrina (female skeleton in a dress) is a three-row high symbol that can only land on the first reel. It doesn’t matter how much of the symbol lands on the reel, if any of it appears it will be nudged into full view. Once it is, the Catrina’s Magic bonus feature will be triggered.


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An additional one to three rows will be added above reels two through five once the Cartina’s Magic bonus feature is triggered. The reels will then spin with only money symbols being active for the spin. All adjacent money symbols from reels two to five will be paid out on their face value. Non-adjacent money symbols will not be paid out. Money symbols range in value from 1x to 20x your bet in addition to offering the slot’s mini, mega, and major jackpot amounts. The Cartina’s Magic bonus feature is only active for a single spin before the reels are returned to their standard 3×5 format.

If you’re looking for the riches of the afterlife, however, you’re going to need to trigger the Wheel of Fortune with three or more bonus symbols. Once you do, you’ll get a spin of the jackpot wheel with the chance to win five to twenty free spins or the mini, major, or mega jackpot amounts.


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If you grab a round of free spins from the Wheel of Fortune, Catrina will be watching over you. During free spins, the full three extra rows will be added every time the Cartina’s Magic bonus feature is triggered. Additionally, Catrina may also throw up to three additional money symbols onto the reels once the bonus feature is triggered.

Is Rueda de Chile slot respectful or regrettable?

Día de los Muertos-themed slots are nothing new. The striking iconography and the yearly interest peak make it an ideal holiday to exploit for slot providers. Rueda de Chile slot isn’t the greatest example of the theme that I’ve ever seen, but it does do a lot right. The graphics are bright and fun and the gameplay is interesting. The Cartina’s Magic bonus feature was by far my favorite feature adding some great visual impact to the slot.


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The gameplay is somewhat hampered by the high volatility that will have you waiting longer than you’d like between wins. However, if you’re in it for the entertainment alone, you can bet at the €0.10 min, and you’ll be just fine with the 95.95% RTP. If you’re looking for the big wins, the slot offers a healthy €303,400 max win when you’re betting at the €100 a spin max.

If you’re looking for another Evoplay slot to try out, I recommend giving Wheel of Time a try. It’s technically a slot, but it’s like nothing else you’ve seen before, and it’s definitely worth a look on novelty alone.