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Jackpotz Mania: A Whole New Way to Win Big at BitStarz!

We’ve created a new and original feature that’s close to our hearts, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Introducing Jackpotz Mania (JPM), a BitStarz innovation that offers you not just one, but two chances every day to hit Minor and Mega progressive jackpots, absolutely free.

Jackpotz Mania it’s our way of adding value to your gaming experience, every single day. But that’s not where the story ends, with JPM, you’re automatically entered into our monthly races, where 1,000 prizes totaling $25,000 are given away.

From mastering Jackpotz Dollars and claiming your Daily Jackpot Spins, to understanding the different JPM Player Statuses, and how to enjoy Rakebacks, Boosters, and Monthly Races – we’re here to guide you through it all.


Claim Your Daily Reward

Every 24 hours we credit you with J$, a special free currency exclusive to Jackpotz Mania, which automatically converts into Daily Jackpot Spins. Your J$ amount increases every day that you log in and claim them, and they reset after 7 days.

Play Daily Jackpot Spins

You’ll use Jackpot Spins to play for the two jackpots with. Jackpot Spins has a 24-hour shelf-life, so use them before the chance passes. Jackpot Spins can be used on any of the predefined JPM qualifying games, with more games unlocking with each day that you play.


Active, Inactive and VIP Statuses

Jackpotz Mania has three different JPM statuses – which determine what kinds of perks you get as a JPM player. Your Jackpotz Mania status reflects your activity and engagement over the last 30 days and it updates in real time. Let’s break them down.

INACTIVE Status: For those who haven’t made a deposit, or wagered $1,000 in the past month. INACTIVE players can participate in JPM, but the odds of winning are lower than ACTIVE or VIP status.

ACTIVE Status: For those who have deposited, or wagered $1,000 in the past month. Loads of perks get unlocked by being ACTIVE, like more Daily Jackpot Spins, higher bet limits, access to JPM Races, Boosters, Rakeback, and a special J$ bonus for hitting a jackpot.

VIP Status: VIP status means the best perks you can get in Jackpotz Mania. This is the pinnacle status to have, and it is by invitation only.


Get JPM Rakeback

Rakeback is a perk of Jackpotz Mania, where you get extra J$ for making real-money bets on the games you play. Rakeback is combined with your daily J$ and then converted into Daily Jackpot Spins. The amount of Rakeback you can convert depends on your JPM status.

Use Jackpot Boosters

These are boosters that turn jackpot targets into near-match targets, making it a lot easier to become a winner. You’ll get Jackpot Boosters automatically if you’re on Active or VIP status.

Hit the Jackpot and Win

If you hit the Minor or Mega jackpots, the full amount in cash is yours to keep. Each Jackpot has a win target amount that you need to match. If the target amount is $J333, the collective win amount from your Daily Jackpot Spins needs to match that number for you to win it.


Gamble Your J$

A feature in casino games, and an option for you here too, is the chance to double your wins in a 4-level gamble game. Click on the Gamble Button once you’ve completed your Daily Jackpot Spins if you want to play the double-or-nothing based JPM Gamble Game.

Compete in Monthly Races


With JPM’s Monthly Race, there are 1,000 prizes to go around worth $25,000. It’s a leaderboard tournament, based on your $J status during each Race. They begin on the first day of every month and end at 02:00 (CEST/CET) on the first day of the following month.


A Whole New Way To Win Big At BitStarz!

Jackpotz Mania comes as another way we want to show our commitment to player loyalty at BitStarz, following our first original feature, Piggy Bank.

JPM offers you a daily chance to win a Minor and Mega progressive jackpot at no extra cost to you. It also invites you to play in the monthly races for your share of $25,000 divided into 1,000 prizes.

For any further information, as well as JPM’s Terms and Conditions, please head on over to our site, or click here.

P.S. We’re proud of this one, and really hope you like it! 🙂