Fairytale Sized Wins Are Waiting for You in Rapunzel’s Tower Slot

The story of Rapunzel, being the obvious theme in Rapunzel’s Tower slot, where the beautiful princess is locked in a tower by the evil witch in order to keep her beauty away from the world is a bit outdated but it would be hilarious to see an updated version set in today’s society. People would be more concerned about if she could get WiFi up there than actually being held captive. Who would even qualify for being the prince, coming to her rescue? To top it off, if some dude actually started climbing the tower, using her long beautiful hair as a rope, the guy would surely fall to his death as the hair plugs come loose from her scalp… tadaa!

Watching the Action From the Tower

The scene is set with the princess overseeing all the action from her tower and hoping your skills on the 5 reels and 20 paylines will send a charming prince to find and rescue her. With the supporting cast of the king and the queen, the witch symbol will hopefully be kept at bay and while the stunning blonde herself shows up as the wild, the tower is standing strong as the scatter.


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Climb the Tower Feature

Of course you will get the chance to rescue the princess by climbing the tower, or this game would not be very authentic. You shall get your shot when you land 3 or more of the scatters as this will set you up with 10 free spins that can easily be retriggered when you land more scatters.

During your free spins, your mission, besides making a ton of dough of course, is to climb the tower and reach Rapunzel. For each bonus wild you land, a step on the tower will be awarded. Keep collecting steps as after 10 steps you will get 2 extra spins, at 15 you will get 1 more, 20 steps will get you another 2 spins and 25 steps will set you up with 2 additional spins plus a x2 multiplier! Watch the action live on the left side of your screen.


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Wins as High as the Tower

As great as Rapunzel’s blonde hair is, the fairytale wins in this slot are just as great! Free spins and multipliers will have the coins flying around the screen like you have never seen. The max coin win is 180,000 so make the most of it and trust the powers of the reels.


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A Fairytale Ending

With all the crazy themed slots out there it’s nice to go back to the roots with a good old fairytale. This slot is fantastic and the lethal combo of a classic story and money making bonus features will never go out of style.

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