Get the Casino Blackjack Feel with First Person Blackjack!

Playing blackjack online can sometimes feel a little robotic and it can lose the casino feel. So, here at BitStarz we’ve put a lot of work into ensuring that our live blackjack tables give you the authentic casino feel, but none give an experience quite like First Person Blackjack. Sit at the table in your favorite seat and play multiple hands at once, with the same feeling and rush you get at the land-based casino!

Play Up to Five Hands at Once

When you’re at the casino, unless you find an empty table you’re limited to playing just one hand at a time. This can hamper your ability to make big bucks in a short space of time. Imagine having five winning hands per game, that’s a lot more cash for your pocket in a tiny space of time. So, pull up a chair, throw down your chips and take on the dealer with five hands per round!

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Stand, Hit or Double Down, the Choice is Yours!

In First Person Blackjack, you’re left with a multitude of options when it comes to your turn. You can opt to stand on a 16, or you can hit for a chance to beat the dealer and take home the big bucks. Alternatively, you can double down and draw one final card. If you can get your hand above a 17, the value at which the dealer must stand, you have a great chance to walk away with double the winnings. Best of all, you’re not up against the clock to place your bets and think about your next move, so take your time and let the dealer wait!

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So, pull out your very best blackjack strategy, clean house and stash the cash under your mattress. Thanks to the infamous BitStarz 10-minute cashout, getting your cash off the table will take less time than it does to walk to the cashout desk in a casino. Ohh and did we mention that every hand you play will earn you points towards the Table Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 20 for your shot at winning a slice of €1,000. Suddenly playing five hands at once sounds like a good idea!