Land God-Sized Wins in Zeus Lightning Power Reels Slot!

In modern retellings of Greek mythology, Zeus is a benevolent leader of the gods that rewards good deeds and punishes evil. In reality, the dude was a bit of a douche! He was a brutal military dictator who crushed dissent and just could not stop cheating on his wife, Hera.

Although it doesn’t follow his philandering, Zeus Lightning Power Reels slot from Red Tiger Gaming does peel back that facade of benevolence a bit to show the true wrath of the god of gods.

War is waiting, will you step up to the gods and spin?

Olympus is ready for war

In his pursuit of ultimate power, Zeus overthrew his father Cronus, the leader of the Titans. Don’t feel sorry for Cronus, though. He was no saint. After hearing a prophecy that Zeus would rule all, Cronus tried to swallow him and his siblings. Luckily, his mother Rhea stepped in and hid him in Crete. Ironically, the action Cronus took to remain in power would ultimately be his downfall.


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Now, that little tidbit of Greek mythology is just enough to set the scene. Zeus Lightning Power Reels slot feels like it is set just prior to the war between the Olympians and the Titans. Olympus is surrounded by dark clouds as lightning rages in the background. It is in this setting that you prepare to win the favor of the gods!

He went out for lightning bolts and never came back

Zeus doesn’t come around very often like the absent father he is, so when he does, it’s an event. With the appearance of any full 1×3 Zeus symbol, the god of gods will rain down havoc on the reels expanding a chosen symbol across as many as three reels to complete huge wins.


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However, if you want to win the favor of the gods, you’ll need to grab three or more free spins symbols. During free spins, as many as three Zeus symbols can be activated at once to cover the entire slot in a single symbol for a win fit for the god of gods himself.

And just like that, the deadbeat dad is gone. Besides expanding reels and free spins, Zeus Lightning Power Reels slot is completely absent of any other bonus features.

Is Zeus Lightning Power Reels worthy of the gods?

Slots based on Greek mythology are a dime a dozen these days, and to stand out, you really need to do something special. Zeus Lightning Power Reels slot just doesn’t. Its list of bonus features is thin, the graphics are average, and with high volatility, you’ll have to commit some time to get anything out of it. Additionally, with a 95.6% RTP, even if you do wait around, you’re not in an ideal position to get a return on your investment.

If you are in the market for a slot based on Greek mythology, then you should probably check out Hades, Zeus the Thunderer, or the Story of Hercules. Each offers something special that differentiates them from the pack.